Which are The Crazy Things to do with Friends which can make your Moments Memorable.

Crazy things to do with friends

Somehow there are many crazy things to do with your friends which are full of fun.

Friends are that family which you choose for yourself crazy things to do with friends are that which can make your life most adorable. It is to be said that ”a good friend did not let you do stupid things alone”

when you are making fun of your friends you did not realize that you were making memories you just know that you are only making fun. Although there are many crazy things to with your friends, your kids and with your siblings.

Create jokes with your friend:

Create jokes with your friends which can make you laugh for a long time and whenever you remind all that joke those bring a big laughter. Remember to make jokes with friends but don`t make any harsh wording in fun time which can hurt your friend.

Play games:

Play games with your friends in every free time. Play that types of games which can become a source of big entertainment for you. Play cards board games and chess in which you can enjoy a lot.

Get to gather:

Make get to gather with your friends. Invite your friends at your home and restaurant where you can enjoy and can feel comfortable. These are the things which remember you ever and ever because time never comes again. So don`t miss out lovely moments with your friends.

School and college friends:

Crazy things to do with friends


School and college friends are those which you remember till at the end of your life. You are lucky enough if your nursery class friend is still your best friend. And the time which you spend with them is an awful time which never comes back. Friends are those who stand with you in your worst moment in your happy moment.

Exams preparation:

Sometimes exams preparations come with full of fun. Like whenever you do combine study for overnight that thing brings a big laughter. That time you enjoy a lot. When you sit in the examination hall and your friend comes next to you that thing also brings fun and joy. When your friend sit blankly in paper and you do your own paper and at the same time your friend`s paper this thing brings joy and happiness in your life.


In school and colleges, many trips are made at the ending days which your principle made for the enjoyment of student because time never comes back.never missed out that trips because you can never get back your friends and teachers.

Farewell party:

Crazy things to do with friends


Farewell, a party is one of the sad and happy things. You become sad because of departure and happy due to coming successful life. You have to enjoy with your friends because it`s the last day of your study and get funny titles from your juniors.

Shopping at your friend`s credit:

It is the funniest thing when you did shopping at your friend`s credit. Friends are like a family. When you have to go somewhere and have no money in your wallet that`s your true friend who shares money with you and never gets it back.

Treats and parties:

When your friend buys anything or got a job or got a new car all friends ask for a party and treats that thing becomes full of fun and your friend haven`t single penny into the wallet.

Hide your friend’s books and many other personal things:

When your friend is in hurry and you hide any important thing of your friend and your friend crazily look for that thing and go away. When returning that thing at the midnight that thing creates a great fun.

Crazy things to do with siblings:

As siblings are the magnificence of house. Without siblings life is pallid. You are lucky enough if your siblings are like your friends. If you have younger siblings then it`s your duty to take care them. You can make great fun with your younger siblings although siblings help you through many tough times.

You can make fun when you got any negative point of your siblings and do blackmailing to them this thing gives you a great benefit and at the end, you tell the whole story to your mother. This thing creates great fun.

Siblings little secrets:

Siblings little secrets enjoy you a lot when they share it with you and ask you not to tell anyone. This thing is also very lovely and enjoyable.

Crazy things to do with family:

There are many things to do with family. They can also become a source of entertainment for you. When you sit with your uncle aunt and cousins that time also enjoys alot..  family get to gather is also one of most memorable thing. You remember that things a lot when your elders passed away.

Cousins bounding:

Cousins bonding is also a source of enjoyment you can enjoy a lot with them into family functions especially. there is nothing to hide from cousins because they know everything.

Fun time with kids:

Kids are the most loving thing which you ever find in your life. Kids make you laugh at their own little moments. The only kid is sufficient to make you mad with its habits. There are many things to do with them for example

  • You can take them to outdoor
  • You can take them to any playland
  • You can play with them into parks
  • One thing which is most beautiful that you become yourself a kid



Crazy things to do with friends

In the end to conclude the whole debate we can say this crazy thing to do with friends are many which you can never ever forget. Life comes once and the moments you spend with your friends are most precious.

You can never get back that moment of life. Not only, friends, kids siblings family are also causing of big entertainment. Don`t let anyone spoil your precious moment.


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