How To Judge Does My Boyfriend Really Love me?

Does my Boyfriend really love me?

Breakups Occur Several Times But it’s not Necessary that Your Love Ends you can Judge Does my BoyFriend Really Love me?

  • What is Love?
  • Does My Boyfriend Still Love Me?
  • What Love is Meant for Teenagers?
  • Long Distance Relationships
  • Difference between love and affectation
  • Signs of True Love in Long Distance Relationship

Love these days is a myth, where you cannot actually define what love is and being in a relationship means to have a full-time commitment. But even after giving your 100% you are not actually sure about does my boyfriend really love me?

It is a question that has bothered so many girls these days. And even in long distance relationships, you are not sure about it.

How You can realise You Really Fall in Love:

Love could be defined as physical attraction and as well as emotional attraction. But what is hard to define is to know what does he really love me or he is using me? Boys have a more complicated stance you cannot actually know that if he is totally into you or is he using you, for physical attraction only.

But the main problem you face is that you cannot ask him about this but it also bothers you so for that you wonder most of the time that how do I know if he loves me without even asking him? This bothers you, even more, when you have developed your feelings for him and now you cannot undo the feelings.

Take does my boyfriend love me a quiz to get rid of this mental stress. Keeping this only to you will lead you to overthink and causes more stress. Which could result in to turn your relationship into a bad one.

Does My Boyfriend Still Love Me?

When you have been in a relationship for a long time, it starts bothering you that does your boyfriend still loves you or has he started losing his interest. You start noticing signs that will bother you. You start getting comfortable and does not get ready like you used to so you may see some lack of interest from your boyfriend’s side.

You can know this by reading his body language and how much interest is he taking in your daily routine. To get to know this more you can take our does he love body language quiz. It will help you to get a vivid idea of your relationship and helps you to solve the ambiguities being created in your mind.

What Love is Meant for Teenagers?

Love is not restricted to only adults, but in today’s generation love is considered to be more popular in the teenager. Teenagers are known to be the confused age group because you are experiencing these feelings for the first time, where it gives you the most amazing reflexes and butterflies in the stomach, on the other hand, it also is very painful on the heartbreak.

So while being in a relationship it is very important for you to know that does he relay loves you. Take does my boyfriend really love me quiz for teenagers to get a clear idea about your relationship status.

Long Distance Relationships With Full of Love

Long distance relationships are known to be the toughest one, where you could not meet your partner on daily basis and being miles apart staying connected only through phones, emails and Skype could make it difficult to work sometimes. After a while, you start to wonder what does my long distance boyfriend loves me or he has started taking interest in someone else.

A lot of complications starts to happen. Either you or he is not available when you need him or you are unavailable. Other problems also occur when you are physically unavailable, that could also cause the problem of attraction towards someone else. Being committed to a long distance relationship is a tough job and take a lot of time and effort to make it work.

Difference Between Love and Affectation

it is really difficult for you to know that another person is in love or it’s a just affectation. You cannot clearly see the difference because both appear to be the same. Take does he really love me or is he using me a quiz to know more about it? Being used by a boy could be the worst feeling in the world, and when you are in love you cannot actually know that.

You have to keep an eye on the activities of your boyfriend and pay attention closely to his behavior towards you. If you feel him more connected to you than before that he is in love and you chose the right guy but if he has started losing interest and his priorities had changed so you need to watch yourself.

It is you, who can clearly judge your relationship but we are here to help you to notice these signs in your guy to know that he really loves you or not.

Signs of True Love in Long Distance Relationship

Does my Boyfriend really love me?

There are certain signs that you need to focus on your long distance relationship. If these signs are available than your bond is strong and you cannot be separated. These signs are that you both complement each other everywhere, not being close or physical available does not affect your relationship.

You have confidence in your love and you both are the priority to each other. Whatever happens good or bad, they are the first person you tell everything. You change that person and become a better version of them. Both of you love each other completely, even the imperfections. You do not compare your relationship to others.

Talking to your partner feels like going home, and you know that they are available for you no matter what. Both of you give your 100% to the relationship. Trust levelly is eternal and no ambiguity could break your trust. You both perfectly complement each other’s lives and make it complete.

Your relationship is not a showpiece but you actually feel complete and happy even that your partner is not available but still that does not affect your relationship.


If your relationship has all these signs, not only for long distance relationship but also for a normal relationship. You do not need to worry about does my boyfriend love me.


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