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Girls have curious nature they always have doubts and tensions into their minds either their boyfriends really love them or not. They try their best to judge him from all the aspects.

Some times they present some hidden doubts in front of you and you must have to clarify all those doubts if you are a true lover of her. You have to show your protection your care your precious time to her so that she might understand that her boyfriend really loves her.

You have to show your protection your care your precious time to her so that she might understand that her boyfriend really loves her.

How to know my boyfriend really loves me?

Does my boy friend realy loves me

Love is quite a natural thing. Firstly it`s important to understand what is true love. If we say you can fall in love with the very first moment when you see someone it`s wr0ng because love takes time for the growth in someone`s heart. So first try to understand what is true love then only you are able to understand either your boyfriend is your true love or not.

So firstly you have to understand your feelings your thoughts about love that what is love then test or implement that thought on your boyfriend. Here I am with some tips which are helpful to understand either my boyfriend really loves me or not.


The person who really loves you will try his best to protect you from all the bad things of the world. Only that can protect you who cares you not that one who is just doing time pass with you.


The one who is your true love can not hurt you ever and ever. He cares a lot for you. Even the person who is fair with you will take a great care of your very little things for example about your food about your health about your family and even about your friends.

If only these two things your lover do for you then it means he is really fair with you and he really loves from the core of the heart. If these two things are in that person then automatically he will love you and other things to show his love to you.

Why do I like him?

why do i like him

When you start going to college you see many out class persons around you and they are very popular in your college When you fall in love you start liking the next person but there is also a possibility due to many that another person has guts which are the source of your likeness. When you start college then you see that there are many personalized boys reasons.so what can be the reasons which are the + point of your crush these can be as follows.

Dashing personality:

When someone has dashing personality definitely he becomes the moon of that place and everyone want to be his girlfriend due to his look and his look inspired most of the people of that college or institute.


Nowadays we know very well that status matters a lot for everyone. Every body loves that person who is rich and have a lot of money. Girls really want that person who is rich and have a lot of cars houses and property.

Teachers like him:

It`s a natural thing when you find out any rich dashing and personality person around you all staff members like him and adore him for every thing. And you start to like him because everyone likes him.

More over if you really have a true friendship with him without any greed then it means you like him because he is caring loving understanding and all the good qualities which a good has that is the reason you like him.

Why do I want to leave my husband?

why i want to leave my husband


Relation of husband wife is quite a precious relation. This relation is the root of every relation. The very first relation which took place in the world was the relation of husband wife and this is the most favorite relation of GOD. Sometimes you can see that many wrong decisions can spoil your life and your one wrong decision can take you at the peak of intensity.

So before taking any decision completely get to know about those things which are the cause of the breakup between you and your husband. So don`t take any serious action at the very little things give some time to your relationship and then take any action. It can be possible that you are at the right point and your husband is not that sort of person which you want. For example

  • He uses abusive language
  • He has an extra marital affair.
  • He does not pay any attention to you and to your children.
  • He does not care or give respect to your parents.
  • Does not do any job to run a home.
  • More over he has bad habits like drinking, gambling and many other.
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