6 Quick Ways How to get a Girlfriend in Middle School

how to get a girlfriend in middle school

During the middle or elementary school, every kid gets mature and feeling for any specific girl gets deeper.How to Get a Girlfriend in Middle School you Like her Most.

It might be possible that you find a true love of your life and fall in love with a girl. The symptoms like you skip a heartbeat, listening drums or music and a cool breeze to fall in love are just assumptions. These symptoms are not practical and do not work in real world. You will probably discover these signs in movies.

But to fall in love in real life is something much more than this. It is a natural experience and one of the exciting thing. Yes, we can understand that it is hard for you to impress a girl of your choice in middle school but never leave hopes.

An excellent way to attract one girl whom you do not know would need a great effort. If you are ready to put that effort then, you will surely win her heart. Just find ways how to get a girlfriend in middle school.

1.Figure out Yourself

The first step you need to try is to figure out yourself and your feelings for the particular girl. It might be possible that you just like her or it may seem to be an infatuation. However, instead of copying others, it is best to understand yourself and show what deep inside you feel.

Remember, it will be your confidence which will reward you. Girls usually like guys who are unique and confident.

2.Best Tips to Consider

Following are the tips which you need to consider.

  • Just do not act or show your desperation. Girls like those boys who pay attention to them and also dislike those who show their needy Many girls are afraid to ask guys out. You need to put focus and attention on her.
  • Remember that do not show or feel proud of your actions. Many boys consider that making a girlfriend is one of the right approach and rightfully can be obsessed but it is wrong. So do things you are good at.
  • Stay casual and do not try to stress out things. Just be nice and do not show a romantic side too soon.

3.Appearance does Matter

Girls only like guys who look rocking and are well maintained in their appearance. Every girl has a preference, and she will need a guy who keeps himself groom and presentable. It is best to treat your body well. So that you would look good and your appearance would lure you. Take a shower, wash face and hair regularly for a neat look. It might be possible that pimples will start to appear during middle school, so it is best to consult a dermatologist.

  • Things to avoid
  • Just do not overwhelm yourself with lots of perfume or scent. Do not follow the TV commercials because they are not practical and often proves to be misleading.
  • Girls want you to be odorless, and a simple deodorant will work best for you.
  • If you are bulky, then lose some pounds and get in shape. Running, cycling and swimming will work best for you. If you walk for 15 minutes, every day then has a good
  • Eat healthy instead of sweets and burgers. Protein diet will help you to feel light, healthy and better.

4.Get close

If you start with friendship, then it would be great. Do not suddenly show your feelings or express yourself. Within the friendship time, you just need to recognize signals. This will enable you to develop a comfortable relationship and later on ask her out.

You have to stay observant. Do not create any unnecessary drama if your crush is already taken.

During friendship just recognize her body language. If she looks to you during class or seeks attention, then she will notice you. Following are the things which you need to identify

  • The girl will giggle or laugh at various things even if you are not funny.
  • A constant eye contact will surely help.
  • She touches and tickles when she talks.
  • She will ask for different favors and even be wherever you go

5.Be Friends

It would be easier to talk to a girl if she is your friend. This will allow you to know her and you will get a chance to win her heart as well as trust. You just need to be for her when she needs you. However, do not expect anything in return.

  • Spend maximum time with her. Ask her for her problems, if she is willing to her. Otherwise, there is no need to force her.
  • Compliment her often. This will allow her to like you.
  • Pay attention to her face or facial features instead of going perverted and showing attention towards the body.
  • Never stare at her. Make sure to treat her in a nice, polite and respectful way.
  • Never plan things alone at the start until unless she does not agrees to. Try to involve other members in activities and invite her friends and other boys for plans like watching a movie, baseball or board game plans or even group study.

6.Gently Flirt With her

Never come or show your strong side while flirting. Do flirt with her by recognizing her gestures. Once you have developed friendship then flirting would be bit difficult. You need to pass this stage because if you fail here then most probably you will end your friendship.

Try to make her smile and laugh as much as you can. Girls like those boys who have a good sense of humor. If you can make her laugh then, your humor is the main key. You can use it for flirting purpose.

Compliment always impresses a girl so try it out. Ever make compliment too obvious means of clothing or style. Compliment her smile, pretty eyes, beautiful hair, and haircut. Avoid praising her feminine features. Be classy and show your respectful side which indicates that you respect a woman.


Smile and relax. Hope you will succeed in the initial stages. Be confident and never get nervous. How to get a girlfriend in middle school is not a difficult task if you follow these ways.


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