Things You Should Do In How Do You Know When You Are In Love?.

how do you know when you are in love

love is a beautiful feeling when you really fall in love you start feeling happy but how do you know when you are in love.

When you are truly in love with someone you always try to protect that person and do your best to get that person in your life. You can`t think about your life without that person. Company of that person makes you feel happy. And you bother that person a lot.

So this is the sign that you are really in love. In real love with all flaws and weaknesses, you want that person as your partner in your future life.You get happy with very little things. You try your best to make that person happy and do everything for getting the attention of that person you are in love.

Here I have some descriptions which can help to how do you to know that you are in love.

Extreme happiness:

When you really fall in love you become happy without any reason. This thing is the sign of love. You start to make other happy which are related to your lover. You start to bother the happiness of that person you are in love.

Feel good in the company of that person:

You want to spend most of your free time with that person. And try your best to make happy that person in your company. You start blushing when you are in the company of your loved one. You do everything which that person like a lot.

You want to do things for that person:

When you fall in love you do a lot of things for your fence. Even you cook for them you make yourself according to the choice of them. You neglect your choice and prefer the choice of that person.

Want attention:

When you fall in love you try your best to do everything to get the attention of that person. You expect or maybe you want that when your crush looks upon you with the eyes of heart lost in you. Only one look at your crush can make you mad.

Start dreaming of that person:

You even start dreaming of that person with whom you fall in love. You really see that person in your dreams and want that person around you. You expect everything with your crush. This is the sign of true love.

You want to meet that person with your family:

As that person is your crush and you want to spend your whole life with that person and that`s why you want to meet your family with that person. And you pray a lot that your family like your crush too.

Want to make happy that person`s family:

You want to meet with the family of that person and even you try your best to win the hearts of that person`s family. Their parents matter a lot for you. You try to feel them happy. This thing also makes you happy.

Long phone calls:

When you are in love with someone you make long phone calls texting and other social media. You tell everything which happens all the day long. When you see the call of that person on your phone you give the smile of 1000 ways. Because this thing gives you happiness a lot. When you see that your crush commented on your post you see that comment again and again.

Can`t see your crush on someone else:

When you fall in love with someone else you feel jealousy and lose your temper. Because you always see yourself with that person and can do everything to get that person in your life.


You buy gifts for that person. This thing makes you happy. You buy those things for your crush that can make your crush realize that you are in love. Most of the time you buy most expensive gifts for your crush which can show the importance of that person in your life.

You sit together and remain silent:

When you fall in love you sit with that person even you are not talking to each other. You sit with that person this thing meant a lot to you. And you feel happy that you sit with your crush.

You start sharing your problems with your crush:

You start sharing your problem with that person and ask for their opinion. Even you don`t make any type of decision without consulting to your crush.

You vanish your EX:

If you have a bad experience with your ex in your past you start forgetting that person and think only about your crush. Your past life does not bother you anymore and you start living a new life with new dreams.

Love songs attract you a lot;   

Even you start listening love song. You see a sudden change in your life and in yourself. Love songs remind you that person. While listening that songs you think about that person and even sing for that person.

How to express love to your loved one:

When you fall in love then it`s necessary to express your love to that person. One sided love is good but when your relation becomes two-sided it is great. So you have to tell that person you are in love and you can`t live without that person in your life.

So expressions are necessary to get that person in your life.


To conclude the whole debate we can say this love is a natural thing but how do you know you are in love? when anyone falls in love then that person can do a lot of things which I mentioned above. These were the signs of true love. Although it`s necessary to express love. Maybe other people also love you but don`t tell you because of hesitation.








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