What It’s Like Dating How To Apologize to Your Girlfriend

How To Apologize Your Girlfriend

You did something Wrong with your Girlfriend and you hurt her Feelings and you have no Idea how to Apologize your Girlfriend? 

How to apologize to your girlfriend when you love her a lot and don`t want her to take apart from your life. As a human being, we can do many types of mistake which are very common and you really have regret on it then how to apologize to your girlfriend for hurting her feelings? Here you can get many ideas for reconciliation with her.

1: Different ways how to apologize to your girlfriend:

There are many different ways which can be useful for you to apologize your girlfriend you can use them for reconciliation and here we go.

Verbal apology:

As the type of apology is clear from its name. This is first trying to make your girlfriend happy and for the clarification of your mistake which you did in past and that thing make your girlfriend sad and hurt her.

Through words, you can explain you’re your mistake and show your love for her for this thing you must have to make your words much effective. Your words must show a reflection of your guilty feelings but on the other hand, must show the reflection of your love.

Write a letter to her:

Write a letter to her in a very romantic way. Write those feelings which you have for her and wrapped them into a paper with the help of a pen. Because at that time that pen is everything for you which can be proved as a lucky one for you. Your writing style should be like this.

(example): My Love you are only one best thing which I have in my life. I know after my last mistake I am nothing for you but you are my world. I can not live without you. I see you in everything on the sky, in the moon, in stars in everything. Am nothing without you.

For you, my love reached the peak of intensity. I realize which I did with you was very wrong please please forgive me last time. I promise I`ll never make you hurt again in future. But this time you also have to listen to your heart I know you have a soft corner for me in your hurt heart. Please forgive me.

Send some chocolates flowers and perfume at her home:

When you think to apologize your girlfriend and get her back then one other idea which comes to your mind is You can send some chocolate flowers perfumes at her home or at her workplace. Every girl is the chocolate lover and when she will see that these things are gifted by you with the sorry card then she will just smile and will try to forgive you as you realized your mistake and still love her.

Write a song and post it on social media for her:

One best thing for apologizing you can write a song for her and can post it on social media like facebook Instagram or can simply email her. This thing will bring a smile on her face she will get happy on this sweet little habit to make you happy and to forgive you.

2: how to apologize to  your girlfriend for cheating her:

How To Apologize Your Girlfriend

Although you love your girlfriend but aberrated from the right way due to the accompany of some bad friends who force you for some bad habits then you can do sorry to your girlfriend if you really love her. And you really realized your mistake. On the other hand, if you deliberately did something wrong then you must have to do self-analysis why you did that there could be many reasons for cheating on her for example:

  • You don`t find her attractive any more.
  • She does not give you proper time.
  • She always insulted you.
  • You don`t have a mutual understanding.

These can be the problems which make you the much-irritated person and some time you cheated her but with the passing of time, you start missing her and realize that you can`t live without her then how to apologize her. Here you can get some beautiful ideas:

Think why you cheated her:

Before patch up, you must have to think this why you cheated her what was the reason which forces you cheating her then try your best to sort out all that issues which probably making difference between both you.

Either you really want to go back:

As you better know this that you really did very bad with your girlfriend and what you did with her is really suitable for an apology or not. And then make a solid decision either you have to live with her or not. If you think this time you have to go back then make yourself strong and go back.

Make yourself ready for hard questions:

As you did wrong then it`s necessary that you will find some hard questions or some insult from your girlfriend. So that`s why you have to make yourself ready for those questions which will be going to ask your girlfriend. And for this thing, you must have to be honest in all ways.

5: how to apologize to your girlfriend when you saw some flexibility in her attitude:

How To Apologize Your Girlfriend

How to apologize your girlfriend when you saw that there is a bit flexible in her attitude and now she can forgive you then what you have to do for getting her back. Here I have some tips which can be helpful for you:


After patch up, one most important thing is trust you must have to build trust between both of you. Because once broke down her trust then you will find it difficult to rebuild her trust so ask her to trust you. And again try your best not to break it.

Care her:

You must have to care her. Give her your protection. Make her realize that you care her a lot because she matters a lot for you. Protect from each and every way.

Shopping with her:

As we know everyone loves shopping go with her for shopping. Like this, both of you can buy things for each other according to the likeness of each other. You can also buy same things same colors for each other.

Recall some past memories:

Recall the past memories when you both were close to each other. That happy moment which you both spend with each other. When you recalled all those memories then you will try your best to make your relationship perfect as it was in past. So after patch up recall a good time of past to make your days beautiful.

Give her surprises:

Gifts increase the love friendship and beauty of every relationship. So give your girlfriend surprises. Give her some beautiful gifts. You can also arrange a dinner party for her. You can cook for her. On the other hand, you can also give her surprise on her birthday. Like this, your surprises can make her happy.

Tag her on social media to your love:

As nowadays social media is very much in you can also tag her on facebook. There you can expose your love publically. You can also show your love to others.


Respect is one of most important thing. You have to respect your girlfriend. Do respect have respect. Here that proverb is suitable tit for tat. But especially for a lady respect is a most important thing. She needs to respect more than love. That`s why you have to respect her a lot.

Respect her family:

Every girl wants respect for herself and also for her family. That`s why you have to respect her family. In past may you have disrespected her parents too then how to apologize to disrespect her parents if you? So make excuse for that mistake from her parents.

Keep your anger private:

One important thing you must have to make your anger private. You can expose your love publically but you can`t expose your anger in public. You must have to keep this thing private.


In a nutshell, we can say this you can`t find peace when you hurt someone especially that person who have some special feelings for you. Well, we are human beings and mistakes are involved in our blood. So how to apologize to your girlfriend when you hurt her.

You might cheat her. But remember there is always concession of forgiveness. You can apologize to your girlfriend for hurting her. Like this, there is the possibility of patch up again. And you will not lose your lover at the end. Hope you like my tips and it might be helpful for you.

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