4 Useful Tips How to Deal with a Break up?

how to deal with break up

When you honestly make a relationship with someone and you don`t even know how to deal with a break up when your separation was very important.

How to deal with a  break up in which you were for long period of time.When you fall in love seriously than the feelings the of break up is very much painful feelings. It`s much difficult to get a ride from those painful feelings.

Breakup hurts a lot either you are committed in a relationship for five months or for five weeks. It can make you hurt. So the best way to deal with your break up is to turn the pages of past and move on. This the best way to get a ride from all worries of past.

I have some tips for using them you can get a better life after break up. So there we go.

Dealing with the Long-term Relationship  Break up

To get break up with the long-term relationship is not easy to do and at the same time, it`s also very tough to get rid of it. According to me following are some tips which can be useful for you.

1-Finish out your telephonic contact

  • Do not contact you EX:

The first main thing which is very much necessary, don`t contact him after break up. Because once you hurt by your partner never try to judge him again in your life. If he can hurt you once or broke your heart once then the second time it`s much easier for your partner to hurt you again. That`s why it`s better not to contact him again ever. It was the first thing which you have to do in case of break up.

  • Change your number if possible:

If possible for you change your number. Because like this your EX cannot do contact with you. Although it`s not easy to change your personal number if you are social kind of person. But it`s better to change your number.

  • Blocked him on all social media:

Blocked him on all social websites like facebook Instagram wats app and other social media. This is the best way to get a ride from past life.

So block up your EX as soon as possible after break up.

Tips to get over for break up fast

After telephonic contact second number is about your personality.

2How you can maintain your emotions after a break up

how to deal with breakup

  • Throw out the gifts of your EX:

As everybody knows gifts are important to increase your love in whatever relationship you are. So the gifts you got from EX threw them out as trash thing. When you are hurt and broke up with you EX that`s gifts can play an important role to remind you that memories of past. If that person is not with you then no matter how much expensive gifts you got when you were in a relationship.

  • Spend time with your friends:

Friends are the most important part of life. You are quite lucky if you have good and fair friends in your life. As friends are the family which we choose. And friends are the best to heal your pains and make you happy in your tensions and worries. And it`s also true that your best friend hates your EX more than you. They can give you good company and you can forget old memories of past life.

  • Shopping:

We all love shopping. Shopping is the best way to time pass. So do shopping to change your environment. Get good things for your home and for yourself. Go for window shopping. But make sure you are going to do shopping with your best friend because friends can make you happier and can refresh your mood.

  • Study:

As books are the best things for your free time. So when you think that you are going back to the memories of past just read out the books and one thing you must have to keep in mind is always study good books. Because good books can give you a lot of things like a good piece of advice, a healthy mind and many other things which can be helpful for you to spend a good life.

  • Give time to your family:

Give time to your family. No one can be much fair to you than your family. It`s natural when you fall in love with someone or committed your self into a new relationship you start to avoid your family. Because you give your all precious time to your lover and even you don`t have a single minute for your family. So with a broken heart, you have to give time to your family. As they love you a lot more than an outsider. And they can help you to forget your past relationship.

  • Change out the atmosphere of your room:

Yeah, this is a good activity. When you want to make yourself easy or want to change yourself first you have to change the atmosphere of your room. Because the change in atmosphere can bring many good changes in you. One important thing which is your old room reminds you memories of past again so the changing can be much helpful for you to forget your past unhappy affairs.

  • Don`t give a single look when saw your EX:

When you live in one city and your mutual friends are also same then there are 90% chances that you find out that person in front of you. The best thing about this type of situation is to ignore your EX. Don`t even give your EX a single look. Show him that you even don`t know that person. Ans make your attitude normal in front of him as you do with a stranger person.

3-How you can deal with break up like a strong MAN

those innocent men

As men are stronger than a woman. It`s not possible that only a boy hurt a girl. Most of the time girls also hurt there lover. Although tips for both are also same. But some additional tips for man are as following.

  • make yourself more passionate.
  • you can`t cry like a girl.
  • Get yourself involved in that person who loves you.
  • Give much attention to your work.
  • Be a brilliant person in that field in which you are wor

Hope you will like these tips.

How can you survive when you still love your EX after break up

4-In every religion GOD kept the space of forgiveness.

  • Forgive:

If you think by forgiving your EX you can get peace than try this for yourself. Because after forgiving that person you still love you can get mental peace.

And the last thing to tackle with these types of the condition is communication.

  • Communication:

You have to communicate with your EX. If you think your EX still loves you than there are 40 percent chances of patch up. But the thing is you both realize your mistake get to make sure each other not to repeat past mistakes again.

But if your EX still shows ego and you don`t see the love there than simply forgive your EX and take apart from all those ugly relationships by thinking that your EX-was not a right person for you.


To conclude the silky threats of life we can say that how to deal with a break up is quite hurting thing. But you can`t spend your whole life on one word which is “HOW”.How I can survive without my partner. How I can screw up myself. My EX-did wrong to me how I can control my feelings.

Let it damn. Just turn the past pages and make your life normal to get a ride from all worries of past. Make your present perfect and go ahead. This is the philosophy of your small life which you can spend without bothering anyone.




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