Doubts About Easy Ways On How To End A Relationship You Should Clarify.

how to end a relationship

The process of how to end a relationship is very painful, and there is no perfect way which you can follow

The process of how to end a relationship is very painful, and there is no perfect way which you can follow. However, some of the strategies prove to be efficient and do not even hurt your partner. It is harsh to surprise your partner with your decision, so it is best to show slow signs that you want to back out from your relation. Ending a relationship is not as easy as it seems. It is exhausting and very emotional.

Before making such an important decision, you have to weigh reasons that why you want to end. One to one relationship is one of the signs of a bad relationship. You have to remember that soon going to be ex-was once your love.

It is better to stay honest, and caring instead of being cruel. You simply do not provide your loved one a hope of a lifelong relationship. Minimize the potential emotional damage on how to end a long-term relationship.

How to end a relationship?

So if you are finding a way how to leave your husband or good ways to break up with someone in the most painless and compassionate way, then you are on right page. Find easy ways to ending a relationship.

Make your decision strong

You have to be sure about the relation which you are going to end. You have to stay strong and have to be prepared. Before making the decision just weigh out the reasons and discuss the problems or issues openly. It is best to sort out or explain all the problems with your loved one. If you are confirmed about your decision, then make a list of things that why you are unhappy and the reasons which do not have any conclusion.

Be clear

It is best to think clearly about ending a relationship. Do not ever make a decision when you are angry, frustrated or feeling not good. Even a week after you will not be able to think clearly and will surely blame your relationship. Before proceeding with this decision, you can take advice from parents or trusted friends. However, help from the relationship experts will also solve the issue. Make sure that once you have to make up your mind just do not tell your story to your friends. It is one of the mature things which you need to do.

Never deliver the bad news

The procedure how to know when to end a relationship may be easy, but next steps would surely be tough. Remember that never deliver news to your partner when he/she is going to work or picking up the children or any related situation. It is best to choose an appropriate time and place when your partner will be able to process and work out on news. It is one of the significant things while breaking up. Do explain your partner the signs of a bad relationship.

There are many things which you need to avoid is never break up with your partner in a favorite place of yours or hers. Do pick a neutral place which has no meaning or significance for your love. Do choose a time when you will be calm and are not in an emotional state. It is great to ask your partner about their situation as well. If he/she seems stressed to you, then it is better to announce your breakup now.

Stay firm on your decision

If you are positive about a breakup, then stay firm on your decision. Never let your partner feel down or cause any hurt. A breakup does not have to be dramatic every time, so it is advisable to handle each and every situation in a positive way. Instead of telling stories, just get to the point straight. Avoid making any irrelevant or in a proper comment which may relate to your good memories and make the breakup process difficult.

You have to be ready for the statements like “I am not ready for this,” “we can work on the issue” or something related.

Stay honest

As you are firm about your decision, just do not make your partner feel unsure or insecure but just do not walk him/her away by knowing the list of things which you do not like. Just be honest and tell that you want to end. No matter whatever the reason is such as you are feeling manipulated, suffocated or even disrespected. Instead of wasting time be straight.

The hardest part is explaining to your partner that you do not love him/her anymore. However, it is not the fault of your spouse. So be honest and gentle. Once you explain the reason behind break up, never get confused about your decision. There is no need to discuss the past issues or problems. This will promote insult or may hurt the other person.

Avoid making the person feel worthless. So whatever the reason it must not be a complete surprise. Stay calm while explaining the reason so that you do not end up making a list of reasons for ending a relationship.

Stay prepared

Every partner does not react in the same way when hearing about the breakup, so it is best to stay prepared for every sort of things or reactions. The person may respond with panic, shock, wonder or anger.

If the partner responds your query with anger, you have to stay calm and make an attempt to calm them. Keep your voice low and do not try to create a scene at a place. If the situation gets out of control so instead of provoking the situation just leave the place. However, sometimes make assure that you will talk to him/her when he/she is calm and able to think clearly.

Establish the boundaries

It is hard to end up every type of relation and usually, if you are having a younger man and older woman relationship, then it would be tough for you to handle the situation especially at times when you are firm with your decision. Once you have begun the process to tell your partner about the breakup, so stay polite and make your boundaries.

You should be clear and does not leave any chance to discuss further. Explain the reason that failed relationship cannot be valued, and there is no chance for them to grow, nurture or learn from it. It is best to end such a relation.

If you and your partners have mutual friends, then avoid the interaction with them for any future misconception. Just plan to meet your friends except those who are mutual with you. If both of you have favorite places, then avoid going to some time.

Try to set a schedule which may help to avoid each other. However do not be too rigid with your routine. Due to any reason if you someone bump into your ex just be casual and ask how they are? This will sort out the matter that you did not have any hard feelings. If you have some of the belongings of your partner, then plan with each other to return or give them to charity to avoid remembering a good time together.

Never repeat the mistake

Staying together as friends after a breakup is the worst mistake you will ever make. It is best to have a clean break up and do not spend time together. It is best to find separate ways for at least a year. Most of the people remain friend even after a breakup, but they end up with another patch up the relation. So to avoid such situation, just have a clean slate break up. Be respectful of your ex.

If the response of your ex is that can we still be friends? Then be clear by replying with a No. it is best to go forward and put some space in a relation. A broken relationship means that you have the opportunity to have a new relation, so it is best to take a break and spend time separately.

Enjoy your life

How to end a long-term relationship is not easy. No matter how many good ways to break up with someone you find, you need at least 6 months to get over it. You will surely start enjoying your life again. It is best to avoid each other as long as you can. This is the best healing process. Enjoy the company of your colleagues, friends, or family. Pursue your hobbies and show interests in new things. Keep yourself busy most of the time.

The more time you spend alone or thinking, more you will reflect on your past. If both of you were living together, then make some changes to let go of all memories. Exercising, cleaning, playing games, picking up a hobby, adopting a healthy life will surely help you to overcome your relation.

So above all are easy ways on how to end a relationship. Read details clearly and understand them correctly.