The Shocking Revelation of How To Get Over Someone You Love?

How to get over someone you love

How to get over with someone you love is a  job which is not easy to do.

As love is made by GOD and it`s a most beautiful feeling at all but how to get over someone you love? Well, it`s not easy to do this. It`s all depends on your luck either you find out true love or cheated by someone. It`s the most common thing nowadays. People play with feelings and emotions of others. Mostly girls are the victim of this thing.

Their boyfriends spoil out there respects, feelings and love. It`s too much difficult task when you fall in love with someone and another one just spoils yourself. In this type of situation, it`s difficult to move on.We should remember one thing. It `s true breakups hurt but by losing someone who doesn`t respect you is actually a big gain.

Make your thinking in your favor:

Think after a breakup that your boyfriend or lover was not suitable for you.  I must say don`t make the break up immediately Firstly give some time to your partner try to judge either that person is suitable for you or not. If you have any doubts try to clear it. Perhaps your doubts are worthless. Think from both sides judge your partner from both aspects and then made any solid conclusion. Some time misunderstandings spoil your relation.

Nature of your partner can reflect their inner feelings:

If your partner really loves you then that person will try to give you more love. Whatever faults you have that person will try to compromise with you. But if nature of that person is lusty then that person shows more interest in others. So firstly start to ignore that person and check either that person really miss you wait for calls and text and after then made any type opinion.


Before breakup communicate to your lover. Realize your partner that you are really in love. Try to sort out your problems first. After then straightforwardly ask what you want? After this leave that person.

How to forget someone you really love after a breakup?

It`s tough to forget someone who is your first love. But to forget that person start giving your precious time to yourself. Spend money on yourself. Go outside with your friends and cheer up with them. Try your best not think about your ex. Get yourself busy with many other things. Start to live the life of a bird without any restriction. Do whatever you want to do. Reconnect with your old friends talk with them. Try to fill up the distance which was created due to your love affair.

Throughout all the gifts:

Throughout all the gifts and those things which are related to that person. Clean up your bedroom. Change out its settings, drapes and other things which remind that person.

Music swimming, dancing, and exercise:

These three things can make you happy. It`s medically approved that these things can less your tensions, anxiety, and depression. Try to do these things regularly.

Give time to your siblings, parents, and friends:

After then give great importance to your parents. As you ignored them in past and perhaps became harsh with them due to someone. Communicate with them. Start to take a great care of them. Give time to your siblings and friends.

Change your cell number and other contacts account:

After then change your cell number your Facebook account and all those things which are connected to your ex. And never try to contact that person again in your life.

Share with your close friend:

if still, you are in tension feeling upset and finding this difficult to forget that person then share it with your close friend about whom you are sure that will not break up your trust and will give you a true piece of advice. Perhaps you’re that friend works like a therapist.

Don`t look back at any cost:

Don`t look back at your past and at all those things which remind your ex. Don`t go at those places on which you spend time with your ex. As it reminds you your ex. Think your ex-was an example in your life.  It was a false example of your life and you deserve better than your ex. Because cheating is a mistake, not a mistake which your ex-made with you.

Stop thinking of your ex:

Stop thinking of your past. Because by doing this you can never get better tomorrow. It is same as reading one book again and again and you know the story too.

Living happily is the best revenge to your ex. So never get upset when your ex is with someone else.

Don`t become a friend of your ex when you give up:

Sometimes after breakup ex-ask to for friendship then never do this in your life. This will be same like kidnapper kidnaps you and when make you free ask you to stay in touch.

Merry to those who love you:

After getting this experience merry to that person who loves you not to that person to whom you love. Don`t compare your present with your past. Because in past your past was doing timepass with you and your current partner is your true love. Perhaps this person is not perfect as you need but the most important thing is that person is fair to you.


To conclude the whole debate we can easily say this to find out true love is very rare how to get over with someone you love is a  job because to forget someone is not easy especially that person who was your first love. Although this thing hurts but most of the time this thing becomes necessary when other one does not love you.



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