How to Make Friends in College?Easy ways

how to make friends in college

Friends are the family which you choose yourself but the thing is how to make friends in college?

You are lucky enough if you have a good friend in your life but how to make friends in college?  Friends are the most important part of life at every step of your life you need a friend who shares your happy and sad moments with you. Life is empty if you don`t have any friend. A friend is that person believes in you when no one trusts in you. A true friend is that who becomes happy on your can enjoy more in the company of friends even at boring places.

Life is empty if you don`t have any friend. A friend is that person believes in you when no one trusts in you. A true friend is that who becomes happy on your can enjoy more in the company of friends even at boring places.

Although it`s a tough job to make a friend in school college and universities. it`s necessary to choose friend carefully because that person can make you and can spoil you. Here I have some tips by using that you can easily make friends in any institute.

Judge people:

To make a friend in your life judge others then take any step. See is anyone is able to become your friend. Don`t realize other that you have any problem with this loneliness. Be careful in your decisions. Completly judge that person for whom you are interested as a friend. If you think that person is quite good for yourself then don`t get to late and purpose that person for friendship.

Don`t compare yourself with others:

Don`t compare yourself with others which are the most popular students of your college. Just make your own separate identity. Make yourself too much awesome that other students do wish to be your friend.

 Live humble:

Everything depends upon your behavior. If you are humble then you are able to make friends very easily. But if you are lose tempered person then other will also feel uncomfortable to become your friend. Your inner character has to be very strong and attractive that other wishes to be with you.

Don`t become status conscious:

Don`t become status conscious. Never judge others by their status. Because this thing can make you a bad person who just judge others by their wealth. Just judge others by their inner personality. This thing will be helpful for your true friend. Because those who have more money and well-settled status can never be a true friend.

Decently dressed up:

Especially if you are a girl then it`s necessary for you to dress up in a good way. Don`t get over dressing which makes you prominent but not into good sense. Make sure that you are covered completely and no one can make any harsh comments upon your dressing. But don`t make yourself a kind of old anties because this thing also affects your personality.

 Do lunch with your college mates:

When you got time try to avail it. Conduct lunch or any meal time with your classmates. Share new ideas with them talk about studies. Don`t talk any bad thing about the class which you feel just talk about good things which you saw.

Help your classmates:

Help out your classmates in studies or any other issue but related to studies. Don`t get personal in starting meetings just talk about college and class issues. If your fellow has any problem try to sort out that things.

Be nice:

Be nice to others fellow. Treat each other equally. Don`t get hyper on little things just make your different personality into your class and college if possible. Make yourself quite well that other love to be your friend.

Invite other for different activities:

Invite others to many other adventure activities. This thing will make you close to many people and you will be able to judge other by their personalities. Play games or any other study activities which make you closer to everyone.

Study and homework in commonplace:

Do study and homework in the commonplace. By doing this thing you will be able to monitor everyone and can judge the person who is which kind of nature. And if you like anyone then you will be able to make that person as a friend. More you will become a known personality of your college.

Join any group of your college on social media:

Nowadays tweeter facebook Instagram’s what’s app and many other apps are useful and easy to become a known personality of your college and class by keeping yourself update there. And like this, you can make many friends on social media who are the member of your college.

 Conduct combine study:

Also, make combine study. This thing will reveal the truth that who one is how much fair to you. Although combine study is helpful and you can do enjoyment with studies.

Stop worrying about those things what others think:

Don`t bother those things which others think. Just do whatever you want to do. Don`t leave your friend due to others. Do that thing which you think is right.

Leave friend as a friend:

A good is very hard to find out and very much harder to leave and is impossible to forget. Leave friend as a friend because your friend has all secrets of your life and can reveal if you did anything wrong with your friend so that`s why leave friend as a friend.

 Make your conversation authentic:

Make your conversation authentic and worthful. There must be strength in your conversation which might appeal others. It is to be said that you can judge people by the way of speaking. So make your conversation authentic and worthful.


In the nutshell, we can strongly say this how to make friends in college is not a   job but not impossible. A good is the blessing of GOD Who always so many things to escape you from many problems. While choosing a friend to keep one thing in your mind which is that person can make your life and can spoil your whole life. So be careful in friendship life is nothing without friends.

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