How to make Long Distance Relationships Work?

how to make long distance relationship work.

Relations are the need of life. But how to make long distance relationship work.

Many people think long distance relationships are more successful because you meet each other after a long time but most of the people are on this view that long distance relationship does not work. In a long-distance relationship, you can`t express your feelings daily. Although it`s tough to survive with a long distance relationship most of the time it too has a lot of surprises.

There are many things by doing that you can make long distance relationship work which is as below:

Ignore excessive communication:

Many people think by talking each other all the day long you can cover up the distance that you have but this is not an acceptable thing. This thing creates a lot of problems in your relation because telephonic contacts are not successful for any type of love relation you cannot convey your thinking properly on a telephone. So make sure you are not calling each other for all the day long.

  Don`t make over expectation:

Don`t make over expectation from your partner because this thing can hurt you most of the time and can spoil your relation because when you expect big that thing often hurt you. It is said by very wise person SHAKESPEARE that if you want to live a happy life never expect anything from others. Expect into a limited way from your partner.

Make your communication creative:

Do talk to each other but in a limited way because over communication is not good but also less communication is not good for relation. Talk to each other but make sure everything is going in a limited way.

Do to visit  your partner:

Visit your partner properly. Although you are on distance but make sure you are not creating this distance too much longer. So visit each other at your minimum time. This thing will not let to feel your partner that you both are on distance.

Be honest with your partner:

Be honest with your partner. Because honesty is the best policy and when you are honest with your relation you can`t spoil your relation. Honest relation doesn`t demand any clarification. And when you will stay as an honest person to your relation you will not face any type of problems.

Know each other work routine:

It is a very important thing to know each other routine. Because whenever you call your partner and your partner is not able to talk with you this thing makes differences into your relation. And that`s not a good thing for your relation. So make sure that your free time is matching with your partner`s timetable.

Keep in touch on social media:

Keep in touch on social media like facebook whats app tweeter and much more. Make lovely comments for your lover and show your presence there.  And make there feel that you’re looking for love to your partner.

Do some activities together:

Do some activities games together watch some movies together and many these types of activities. So that it will make you closer to each other. This thing is essential for lovemaking. And one thing it will not feel you that there is a distance between both of you.


Everybody like surprises makes surprises for your lover. Do those type of activities which can surprise your partner. So try to make your partner happy.

Share everything with your partner:

Either you are living at long distance but keep update your partner to every issue about your friends and family. Tell everything to your partner. Make sure there is nothing important which you did not share with your partner. Sometimes there are some important things which did not share with your partner but that thing can create many problems in your life.

Call each other by pet names:

Call each other by pet names because this thing can enhance your love. When calling each other with lovely names it will automatically create love in the heart of your partner. Make sure that name do not irritate your partner.

Make a video call:

When your partner is living at a long distance make video calls because by doing this your distance can be removed. And you`ll don`t feel that you are at a long distance.


When you live at long distance trust your partner. Trust is most important part of life. Without trust, no relation can work but especially you are living in a foreign country that time many unwanted things can happen so make sure you trust your partner and your partner trust you. Otherwise, there can be many problems. One important thing you both have, to be honest with each other.


Do shopping for each other. Make sure this thing will make your partner happy. If you are also earning money then make a first-class shopping for your partner. Some time little cute things can make happy to your partner. So do that thing.

Never forget events:

Don`t forget events which are closely related to your partner. Suppose if possible then give surprises at events like birthday Chris miss eid or wedding anniversary. You have to be the first one who wishes your partner.

Appreciate your partner:

Appreciate your partner when your partner do things for you to make you happy. Encourage your partner at every cost. sometimes many family issues occur which are impossible to handle but meanwhile your partner is managing it happily then encourage and appreciate your partner.

Praise you, partner:

Praise your partner. Although praising is an important thing for females. If you praise your partner then it can make your long distance relationship more beautiful.


To conclude the silky threats of life we can say this to live with long distance relationship is not tough it`s up to you how you manage it in your life. Do all tips which I discuss above to make your distance shorter.





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