When Your Dear One is Sad it`s Your Morel Duty to Think How to Make Some one Feel Better.

It`s a terrible thing when you come to know that your friend, your parents, your siblings or your lover is unhappy or sad. Here I have some tips how to make someone feel better.

Everybody understand that no one can live happy all the time. Many certain things and ups and downs come into our life which makes us sad how to make someone feel better is not an easy job. But it`s true that these certain things are necessary to happen because catharsis is an essential part of human nature.

If sadness doesn`t happen in our life then we can`t enjoy our happy moments. So we can say these things are necessary to move on in life. Here my discussion point is how to make someone feel better. I am going to discuss it.

Talk to them:

Talk with that person and get to know the reason for sadness. Ask is there anything serious. Offer yourself for any type of help. Try to convert their concentration. Talk at random things.

Understand their situation:

Try to understand their situation in which they are. Give your opinions on that problem. Think if you face that type of problem what you will do.

Give presents:

Give gifts to them whenever your dear ones are sad to make them happy. Buy that thing for them which they love and wish to have it.

Call them:

Call them when they are sad. Talk for a long time to cheer up. Talk funny things to them. Recall past memories with them. And make them laugh.

Share those things which are funny and can change the mood of your friend.


Do shopping with your friend. Although it`s a natural thing that shopping makes everyone happy. Because you get happy when to buy things for you.

Long walk:

how to make some one feel better

When you do long walk with your friend at that time your friend can tell you many of his tensions. That time when you both are free you can give a solution to many of his problems. By telling the problem half tension can be released.

Your friend gets depressed:

When your friend gets depressed to try your best to take him out of depression. This thing spoils the life of a person that time only a fair person can take him out of this situation.

Make your friend happy in sickness:

Whenever your friend or your dear one get sick it`s your responsibility to look after them and talk to them. Try to change their environment and take them for an outing.

Forgive your friend:

If your friend is sad because of you then forgive your friend because you can feel that your friend realized the mistake and feel alone without you.

Give your advice:

Give your advice to your friend. What you think after listening. Is there any problem with two lovebirds. If your friend is tense due to his lover then listen to all the things carefully from both sides and then give your good advice. If another one is right then softly tells him and try to finish out there all disputes.

Give them some space:

Give them some space to make them happy. In every relation, space is necessary for many issues. Give some space for the betterment of your relation.

Hug your friend:

Hug your friend. Cheer up his mind. Kiss him and ask I am always with you in your problems.

Cook food for your friend:

Cook food for your friend. To make your friend happy cook dishes of your friend`s choice which your friend love to eat.

Agree with their opinion:

At that time agree with their opinion what they said. Don`t argue with them. Just say yes whatever they said.

Remind them good things into their life:

Remind them all good things of life which your friend have. Try to make your friend relax by reminding that good thing of life

Tell your situation which you face in past:

Tell your friend about your situation in which you were and what you did in that situation. This thing can screw up your friend and he must think about your sayings.

Make your family happy from sadness:

A family is the best part of life you can`t let your family alone. Moreover, a person is incomplete with family. Because family is that thing which everybody needs in happy and sad moments.

Outdoor dinners:

It`s a fact that many ups and downs come into the life of everyone. Whenever his type of condition comes into your family then it`s your moral duty to cheer up your family. Because it`s necessary to make them relax.

Gifts for a sibling:

If your siblings are unhappy or tense at any problem then it`s up to you how to make feel them better. Take them out the door do some shopping for them and make them happy.

Husband-wife issues:

As we know husband relation is very loving one.. but some time many clashes come into their lives and into the result both become sad or unhappy. If one is a mistake and other is on right then it`s wrong to make another one sad or angry. The mistaken one should do something to make them happy.

Kids tensions:

Although kids are the GOD gifted thing. In the present era, kids have too many tensions about their homework there tests papers and like that. Take your kids in northern cities or at adventurous places for enjoyment and make them relax from all type of tensions.


how to make some one feel better

To conclude the whole debate we can say this no one can ever live happy there come many ups and downs which break the men. At that stage, everyone demands a good friend which can take out from all worries of life. Somehow it`s not easy how to make someone feel better in misery. But it`s up to you how you have done it.

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