Best 11 Tips For How to Spice up Your Marriage


Maybe you Wondering about the Topic with a Naughty Smirk. Right? Indeed, it does sound very interesting.How can you Spice up your Marriage?

Spicing up marriage makes a huge positive change in your personal and professional life. A point about which you are considered is how you can spice up your marriage? The answer varies from couple to couple.  Here are few ways that you can use to spice up your marriage.

  • Hanging out together for a long walk holding hands in hands.
  • Share some stories or funny anecdote.
  • Be respectful and show mannerism.
  • Look and feel attractive.
  • Create romantic ambiance.
  • Shower your affection and care at entering and leaving home.
  • Get beautifully dressed for your husband or wife.
  • Cook something especial frequently.
  • Remind your spouse in subtle ways that you miss him or her.
  • Send written and voice text notes to your life partner about their importance in your life.

Importance of Spice in Marriage Relationship

A man and woman take a holy vow of accepting each other in the name of God in front of a group of individuals.This sacred bonding is commonly known as Marriage. In societies where marriage bonding is more attractive and exciting that, there are overall less social crimes and evils.

Currently, it is so important to discuss high divorce rates in our society. A lot of couples facing conflicts. There are lots of problems happening in marriages nowadays.  We as a human mostly forget our priorities and human needs.

Therefore, we need reminders to spice up the marriage and those who are not married yet take this writing as pointers to practice once they will tie in this wonderful knot of marriage. Therefore, a strong institution of marriage makes nations healthy emotionally, mentally and physically too.

Increase Spice to Your Marriage after Your First Child

How to spice up your marriage

Becoming parents is the most beautiful feeling which a couple experience. However, the days pass on and most of the couple feels that they are departing from each other. As baby’s midnight feedings, crying and unexpected nappy changing creates disturbance in their romantic life.

To restore love and intimacy in their relationship, a woman should do more working on spicing up their married life. Ladies here are some great tips to spice up tedious married life:

1.Invest time in yourself:

Always look at your best. Wear light makeup, some eyeliner, blush on and lipstick. Put on gorgeous dresses of your hubby’s favorite colors. Take few moments to take nap with your baby in the daytime. You can give more attention to husband at night actively.

2.Invest money in perfumes:

Always smell your best. Don’t just let yourself go, after cooking curry remove all strong aromas of garlic and onions. Change your cooking clothes before meeting your partner.Buy designers perfume and spray all over your dress because they last on them for a whole night or all day. Apply some flowery scented cream on your body before giving him an alluring touch. Always smell good for your man.

3.Cook something good:

It’s a true saying; the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. When your man comes home and finds a yummy cooked meal for him. He absolutely will be happy. Unlike if he comes and finds nothing cooked. He’ll go out for buying something to eat.

This will make him depressed and uncared.  If he’ll feel so then he can make you feel the same that he doesn’t have love and care for you.

4.Exercise daily:

After delivery ladies generally gain weight. Unfortunately, they forget to think about losing it. As they get stuck on a busy schedule with a baby. Most men don’t like chubby wives. So, ladies should take out some time for exercise and lose few pounds.

5.Plan date nights:

Go on date nights. It’s so important to spend quality time together just for you and him. Spend this quality time to spice up your marriage. It’s basically a reminder to reconnect with each other again. As you are busy with the kid and he is busy in work or other things. After getting married when honeymoon period gets over, couples forget to get reconnect especially after having kids. So, they need to do it by going on date nights.

6.Set a romantic mood in a bedroom:

Light some sweet-smelling candles or hazy lights particularly if you are feeling a bit worried about your post-baby figure. Candlelight creates gentleness and romance in the surrounding.

7.Buy some appealing lingerie and erotic heels:

Your man can’t take his eyes off from you when you dress up in hot attire with alluring fragrances and high sleek heels. He can’t avoid you. So be naughty in style to spice up your marriage life.

8.Share your giggles:

Don’t forget to smile and laugh on petty things after the huge pains of delivery.  You experienced that pain not him. Hence don’t expect from him to comprehend your moods and pains. Take out time together for watching a favorite comedy drama or movie. Share some jokes to fortify your companionship by laughing and smiling together.

9.Exchange gifts:

Gifting often increases love and surprise presents bring wonders in love life. A double chocolate brownie with ‘love you’ note and a bottle of perfume can make your sweetheart’s day special.

10.Find new place!

Couple sharing bed with a baby makes them feel awkward to get close to each other. Be creative find other comfort zones for your intimacy time to add spice to your marriage life. Find fun games and activities on the love seat to make your bonding strong.

11.Don’t panic:

Be patient if things are messy and slow in recovering in the bedroom. Don’t get depressed. Talk with your partner make him realize to take time in adjusting to new responsibilities and lifestyle with a baby. This will be processed, but don’t forget it was your affection that brought you both to this stage and will let guide to the next stage too.


In the nutshell, don’t just spend your marriage life but live it. Because you have to live once in this world. Give absolute attention, love, and care to your life partner especially when you become parents. Don’t forget to spice up your marriage with the techniques.


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