Ways To Learn How Well Do You Know Your Partner? Effectively.

How well do you know your partner

For Mutual Understanding its Necessary to Know Each other very Well But How Well Do You Know your Partner.

A relation can be built only if you know each other fully but how well do you know your partner. Here I have some descriptions which can help anyone who wants to know about this thing.so let’s start.

In whatever relation you are it is necessary to know your partner. Because without knowing each other you are unable to run a relationship. Relation whatever might be. Either he is your husband boyfriend or simple friend…So it’s better to know each other from all aspects of life.

So let’s first focus on the relation between boyfriend and husband.

  • Judge your partner:

It’s important to judge your partner in every way. Either he wants to live with you or not. Judge the body language of your partner. It’s also important to judge him through his text style which type of language he is using to you his words his way of calling you and all these things.

Try to judge the mentality of your partner. His words will show his interest in you. Either he is calling you sweetly or just in a casual way. He is interested in talking with you or not. if he is answering your questions in a right way then it’s possible that he is really interested in you.

But if he replies to shorter like” k ” instead of ok and many other words then there is a possibility that he is not interested in you or we can say just killing his time with you nothing else. So we can safely say this judgment is most important to know your partner.

  • Pay attention to your partner:

if your relationship is new, it’s important to give full attention to your partner. As it can feel your partner that you really love him. Or might he share all that things which can be helpful for you.so give attention to him?

  • Give your partner first priority:

As we know relationships are all about priority. If you are really interested in your partner give him the first priority and then to others.it can also be fruitful for you.

  • Try to adopt his taste:

Try to adopt the taste of your partner. when you start knowing him try to adopt all that things in yourself.it can increase your love and will make your relationship stronger.

  • Mutual understanding:

How well do you know your partner?

Mutual understanding is also important to know each other properly. As the relationship is not about dating kissing and holding each other but it is mainly about to accept each other as wholeheartedly. For creating mutual understanding there are some points which I am going to share with you.

  • Spend time with each other.
  • Openly communicate with each other
  • Have long drives
  • Flaws of past life
  • By accepting your mistakes
  • By admiring your partner
  • By doing shopping for him

  • By asking questions:

By asking questions about her personal life.by getting personal to him. By knowing problem of his life and by showing the importance of him in your life and then make him realize that “I am yours” then he’ll be able to share every matter with you.

  • By asking him about his wishes:

Ask him about his wishes. which wishes he really want to fulfill. Which thing is so important in his life and he is unable to get that thing. These things can be helpful for your next step.

  • Propose him in a way which he likes:

As its, a right time to propose your partner so first judge him completely and then do all that same which he wishes.it will attract your partner and he’ll be happy with your this act. After then give him some surprises to feel him so special as much u can.

So these things might be helpful for u. Now we have to discuss friends. “How to well know your friend”

Friends are an important part of life. Life is uncompleted without friends. No one can take place of a friend from other relation.so it’s better to know friend from his all good and bad aspects.

  • Understanding:

There are a lot of things which can create misunderstanding between friends.So the thing is if you know your friend very well you can escape from those things but it’s a matter of understanding and it can only be possible by knowing each other.

It is to be said “friends are a family which you choose by yourself” and friends are those who can hear you at that time when you are silent.so the thing is they better know you. And also it’s your duty to take a great care of your friend. You are lucky enough if your friend scolds you at your mistake.

Because true friend know you from all ways and he knows where to instruct you where to guide to.  one main thing is UNDERSTANDING.

The best things to spend on a relation are



  • Motivation and support:

How well do you know your partner?

In a relation motivation and support are the must. Because it`s only a way by which you are able to cooperate with your partner. This thing is not only necessary for one person it depends upon both because both have to work for built a relation and it progresses.IT is said by someone which I am going to quote here…




  • Trust:

Trust is a most important thing in a relationship because every relationship is uncompleted without trust. So trust your partner and become trustworthy for your partner. when you are committed to a relationship the best person to whom you can share your problems is your partner in which you are in relation.


So to conclude the silky threads of life we may say this:

In whatever relation you committed yourself is beautiful but it`s up to you how you make it heaven with worldly happiness.Be honest with your partner try to well to know him. And try your best to stop quarrel at unnecessary things because these things can be harmful to your relation.This is only possible if you know your partner very well above mention tips can be helpful for you to understand how well do you know your partner.