What Does Love Feel Like in Different Weathers of Today’s Materialistic World

What does love feel like

 The feeling is the mental language of what is going on in the body when a person has certain emotions:

It is actually the byproduct of the brain perceptions and assigning meaning to those emotions. Emotions include fear, anger, joy, trust and love.

Love is the need of every interpersonal relation but what does love feel like in different weathers of today’s materialistic world where everyone is in the run of making money and snatching people rights.

The mood of the people changes with the seasons and so the depiction of love.

  • What is Love?

I love my family, I love to read books, I love to collect coins, and I love my husband are the common phrases people might hear, but what actually love is?

Love is basically a sort of emotion which includes many different feelings that can be either interpersonal affection or any other sort of pleasure, but mostly it is referred as an emotion of personal attachment or strong attraction.

  • Cause of love replacement with money

It is frequently said that nothing can replace love, but this is easy said than done. Money has the strongest command on the mind of today’s world and people believe that money can take an individual from ground to sky but love would just trap an individual in the dark or will restrict him to the ground.

A wealthy person can buy everything he desires for, even the love he wanted to have but love cannot buy anything.

  • How to change today’s mind perception about love?

Love is something beyond explanation but in today’s world people relates it to intimate relations only and curse love for ruining the young generation. People believe that it has more negative outcomes than the positive one but this is not the case, people have actually misperceived such beautiful emotion.

They need to broaden their mind and gives it the upper hand over all sorts of emotions, as it is not only about interpersonal relation but the favorite hobby of a person is also a sort of love.

What does love feel like in real feel temp?

Temperature has a significant impact on mood, attitude, and emotions of the people. Each season has its own flavor for moods, as it has its own colors and customs.

Winter is the beauty of falling snow or fog spread over the balcony, it makes people sit together with some peanuts on the table and share memories, which in turn bring their heart closer and make them love each other more.

In the same way, summer season also has a strong effect on people’s mood, it usually makes people infuriate for each other and usually spread hatred.

  • what is real feel temperature?

Real feel temperature is an equation which considers many factors influencing the emotions and feelings of the people. It accounts multiple factors to determine how cold or hot one feels.

It is a debatable issue as everyone perceives the weather differently, but the equation uses the perception of an average person. This same equation can be used throughout all four seasons.

Temperature alters moods to a larger extent, so real feel temperature helps to identify the actual feelings of a person in certain temperature.

  • how to calculate real feel temperature

There is always some instrument to determine different temperatures, but the instrument for measuring the real feel temperature is our own body. Certain websites provide the platform to measure the real feel temperature by filling in the blocks of the required information.

Moreover, there is also an equation to equate the current real feel temperature of the body.

what does love feel like in high humidity weather?

There are certain factors which influence real feel temperature, humidity is one of them. Humidity would either ruin a romantic weather or it would beautify the annoying weather.

  • Humidity, another component of real feel temperature

Humidity is another important component in the equation of real feel temperature. For instance, if there is 20% humidity in the air, an individual will sweat and the moisture would evaporate, which will help in cooling down the body and will turn his annoying mood in a happy and loving mood, while 60% humidity feels like walking in the steam bath and the evaporating process slows down.

  • Humidity and feelings of love

Humidity and emotions are interrelated to a larger extent. The heart is the central part of the physiology which has a direct link with the feelings of love and humidity has negative physiological effects on the epicenter of the body.

When the air has more moisture than usual, it makes the body sticky which annoys people. Spending more hours on such steam bath makes people get pessimistic and irrational thoughts, which in turn, affect the part of emotions in the brain.

Therefore, it would affect the intimate relations of a couple.

what does love feel like in certain countries

What does love feel like

Apart from the general definition of love, every country has different explanation and feelings of love. As the temperature differs all over the globe, so the emotions and relationships of the people also differ around the world. Some of them are discussed below:

  • Feelings of love in Asian countries

Most of the countries under Asian continent have a collectivistic family system and they prefer to have a joint family. They love to live for each other and be optimistic about their people, this is because most of the Asian countries have the temperate climate. This climate avoids people from giving first priority to money and makes them feel positive for each other.

  • Feeling of Love in American Countries

Feelings of love differ in different cultures, people of American countries prefer to have an individualistic life and love is not the family, instead, it is their profession and own personal life.

What does love feel like when a person loves himself.

As the love is affection, attraction. If the person starts loving himself that is gets confidence on him that whatever he is doing or wants to do is right and does not think that what other people will say about that this means the person is satisfied with himself.

It is very important to find the love in one’s own personality to live in this materialistic world. Nowadays everyone is getting selfish and show concern for another person only for his own specific work.

As the love is a mixture of different feelings like emotions, affection, and expression. So to understand the word love and its feeling it is necessary to feel the love inside.

By loving others and own self the person can understand that it is the give and take rule. What the person does for other there are chances of getting positive love from another side too. Very rarely it happens that the opposite result comes.

All is the matter of behavior. More the positive behavior and attitude more will be the beautiful positive result. So if the person attitude is good than his love feel like the best love and he starts loving, caring and praising himself as well as to other people.

How to judge the love feeling.

This is the natural philosophy of the life, if the person loves anything, he will feel fresh, happy and love to do everything he wants and get the good conclusion of that, but if love is not present and he considers that everyone is ignoring him then definitely his feelings get opposite and maybe he suffers from depression or other anxiety problems.

As the people are focusing more on their jobs and business and the main priority is money, the major reason that the real relations are getting ignored. Now people do not enjoy or understand what does love feel like if they love with sincerity and true affection.

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Priorities of people for relations.

what does love feel like

People love money more as compared to relations. Previously before 21st century the relations matter. The people get time and want to give time to parents and their relatives, but now the situation is getting opposite, love is for mobiles, social media, and other activities.

People show love apparently or formality but most of the people especially young generation takes it as fun and enjoys for time pass.

Social media is affecting mental states of the people, they like to sit for hours having gossips with friends and fellows. The true love feeling is diminishing nowadays. The money is a cruel thing which even not cares for true relations, mostly it happens that the son kills father just because of the money.

Money is not everything. Father loves the son but if there is the matter of the political seat or issue he does not care and leave blood relations. All this is happening in this materialistic world only a few people are present who give priority to the relations, give them time otherwise especially in western countries all the love feeling is for money or own self.

Priorities are changing. In past, people love to have dinner with family or arrange dinners for relatives but now time is up and the priorities are opposite in many cases.

As the environment is getting hotter due the global warming and pollution, so this affects the emotions of the people as well. This is the reason for calling this world a materialistic one.