Which are the signs that can prove you are in an abusive relationship?

Love is a Natural Thing

It`s not possible you always got a good partner well it all depends on your luck. Which are the signs that can prove you are in an abusive relationship? As we know it`s cycle of this world that you can`t live ever happy with one thing may you get bored with that thing its nature of human. Same as in the case of relationship may you don`t fulfill the need of your partner may your partner is unsatisfied with your behavior or many others issues. Here I have some natural points which can be helpful for you to prove that you are in abusive kind of relation. So these are as following:

Abusive talk:

First one is abusive talk your partner used abusive language at you and speaks any intolerable language for you. Which is a very bad thing so this is the big sign of unhealthy relationship.


It`s natural when you love someone you try your best to give some time by hook or by crook. Because you love but when you have the abusive relationship you don`t want to spend time with your partner. In any case, you spend some time with your partner you feel very uncomfortable.


In an abusive relationship, nobody loves each other. you just hate your partner your good things or your qualities can also be the worst thing for your partner. And you can`t even think to love your partner because you have frustration in your mind. So these are the three main things to understand you are in an abusive relationship.

How to break up with someone to whom you were in the martial relationship?

how to know when your marriage is over

As we know couples are made in heaven and the relation of husband-wife is one of GOD favorite relation. When you live in a relationship there is a great possibility of quarrelsome disputes are baseless but some are worth full. When many types of disputes occur in your daily routine work then it`s become too much uncomfortable for you to survive in that person.

Most of the time wives have this complaint from their husbands that they cheat them have an extramarital affair or perhaps some other complaints like he uses abusive language, does not love you and has no time for you. Here I have some points which can make you understand that your marriage relationship is over which are as following:


It is one of the big sign of your over marriage relationship. Your partner does not want to spend time with you and gives time to other rather than you.


When your partner does not care either you are happy or not. Is there any problem with you or not.

Abusive language:

Your partner especially your husband use abusive language on you which not tolerable at any cost. This is the big signs of your broken relation.

Marital affair:

When your partner has an extramarital affair with someone which is not tolerable then you can judge that your marriage is might be over.

Easy way how to end a relationship?

easy ways how to end a relationship

Nobody wants to end a relationship but some times many issues take place to end a relationship. Some times your relation becomes too much messy that you even find it difficult to take a breath in that relation. There are many ways to end a relationship with out hurting each other which are as following:

Discuss the whole matter:

Firstly you have to discuss the whole matter which is the cause of your disputes. Firstly make a try to cover up all the distance which you have in your relation then take any serious step.

Communicate to each other:

Before leaving each other do communicate to each other. there is a possibility that you are at a wrong point but you both want to leave each other so it`s necessary to communicate with each other.

Don`t receive calls after leaving:

When you leave someone don`t attend calls and don`t give a response to the messages when other one says sorry and want to do patch up with you. Because like this you can not end your relation which gives you nothing in past.

Don`t think of that person:

When you really want to end your relation don`t think of that person. When think it can become very messy to leave your partner.

How to rebuild trust in a relationship?

howt to rebuild trust in a relationship

Trust is most important thing in every relationship either relationship of parents lover husband wife or boss and employee. If there is trust in your relation you can run it successfully but if there is no trust every thing can become very messy. But on the other hand it is also necessary that another one has to be a trust worthy person if you break some one’s trust the there are many things to do to rebuild your trust. The tips are as following:

Express your feelings:

Firstly express your feelings which you have for your partner. Show your partner that you really love from the core of the heart. Expose your hidden feelings in front of your partner to show that there is no one instead of you.

Give complete justification if you are at right point:

Give complete justification if you were right and there were only doubts which become the cause of your broken trust. Try your best to justify yourself and give complete answers of your partner’s questions so that no doubts can remain in your relationship.


Give your precious time to your lover go for shopping and other places for enjoyment.


be honest to your partner if there is any type of fear to lose your partner.

How to get over someone you love?

How to get over someone you love

Love is a natural thing you can`t let any one with whom you are in love. Because love is a most powerful thing of this world and it`s impossible for everyone to get apart from that person. But most of the time many those types of things happened which makes your relation intolerable and you feel very unfordable to run your relation with whom you are truly in love. Here I have some tips which can be helpful for you to wind up your relation. These are thus:

Make yourself mentally strong:

Firstly make yourself mentally strong means prepare yourself for a breakup if you are mentally prepared and strong to wind up your relation then you can do it but the main thing is it`s up to you how you make yourself strong for your lover.


Communication is the best way to convey your thought. By communicating with each other you can say the problems and discuss those matters which are the root of disturbance in your relation.

  Never think of your past:

When you leave that person to whom you are in love don`t think of that person. Because once any one hurt you can never happy you happy at all.

When to leave a relationship?

when to leave a relationship

When you are in a relationship some times you live a happy life but most of the time you live the worst life which is very tough. When your partner is not an understanding person then it`s very difficult to survive in that type of relation. But the main thing is which are the causes of which you are thinking to leave your partner.

Not an understanding person:

That person with whom you are in a relationship is not an understanding person. Your partner always took you wrong. And create dispute on very little things with you. Then uses abusive language on you. Means treat you like an illiterate person.


Your partner has spectacle nature. Always blame you on baseless things. And with out any proof ask you that you are involved in someone else.


If your partner is cheating you. Your partner is really involved in someone else. then you have a right to leave your partner as soon as possible for you. Because such kind of person is not able for any type of trust.

Doesn`t respect you:

If your partner does not respect you and both of you don`t have any type of mutual understanding then you can easily leave your relation with that person.

Why people cheat their lovers?

why do people cheat in relationship

We can strongly say that the world is a hoax. It`s not possible that you always find out true persons in your life. Many lovers love their lovers but at the same time, they cheat them. Most of the time husbands cheat their wives and some times wives cheat their husbands. There can be many causes for this thing which are thus:

Old lover:

When you are in the relation of husband wife you can see when your old lover again enters into your life you start loving your lover again and in the result, many problems occur in your relation and mean while you cheat your partner. So old lover is one of the big cause of cheating.

Lofty nature:

Lofty nature can be the cause of cheating. The person who is lofty by nature will defiantly take interest into others and will try best to make any type of contact with that person. So it`s hard to run this type of relation.

You neglect your partner:

When you neglect your partner due to your work then it is obvious that you partner feel alone and starts taking interest in others. And in the more, your partner cheat you and you lost your partner.

 What are the causes of marriage failure?

unhappy marriage

Couples are made in heaven and some times you choose a wrong person for yourself. Which can be the cause of marriage failure. Let’s discuss what are the causes of your marriage failure.

Doesn`t respect:

Every one in every relation demands respect, respect is an important element of every relation. If you respect your partner you then you are able to run your relation very smoothly. But when you do not respect your partner then it`s hard to make any relation work. So if you do not respect your partner you can not spend a peaceful life.

Lack of care:

Care of your partner is very important if you don`t care your either your partner is a problem in worries or may sick then this thing can affect your relation very badly. Not only in marriages in what ever relation you care is most essential part of that relation. So carelessness can be the cause of your marriage failure.

Lack of interest:

When you are not interested in your partner then you can not make your life ideal. Because interest is important with out interest your relation be called as an agreement.



In the relation of husband wife love is the main element if there is no love then there can be no relationship.

How to break up with someone you are uncomfortable?

how to break up with someone


You can not live with that person you are uncomfortable. Even you are uncomfortable with your friend, your lover, your wife or any other relation. You can break up with someone with hurting if you talk in a good way and convey your thoughts to other.

Not a trust worthy person:

That person is not trusted worthy and you do not feel comfortable to share your feelings or your matters with that particular person. And often that person cheats you and broken your trust. So here let discuss how to break up with that person with hurting its feelings. Let`s discuss it in detail:

Discuss the whole matter:

Discuss the whole matter with that person and tells what were the reasons of break up. May be your partner is interested in someone else and you hurt a lot due to this gate. And you do not think that this person is eligible to survive with you so you can ask for the reason.


The most hurting thing is broken marriages. Never do any type of hurry in marriages. When you are really able to run a family then take this type step. Because after marriages break up creates many problems.

 How to know when you are really in love?

how to know when you are in love

Love is the beautiful feeling of this world. And when you really fall in love you start living happily with out any cause. The world looks beautiful to you. And you through out the day only think of that person how you can know that you are really in love with some one.

You like the company:

When you fall in love with someone you like the company of that person. You feel more comfortable in the company of that person. you feel happier whenever you are with that person to whom you fall in love.

You like to talk:

You like to talk with that person all the day long and you like to remain in touch on call text and other social media. You love to listen to that person. You feel peace in hearing the voice of that person. You like to discuss every single matter of your life.  You discuss all the happenings of the full day what you did where you went with whom you met.

You like to listen to their problems:

When you are in love you really want to listen to problems and other sharing. You get worried about the problem of your crush.

You like to dress up according to its choice:

You start to make yourself according to the choice of that person. You do every thing to look like it chooses.

What are the good topics to discuss when you met someone?

Good topics to talk

As we know the first expression is your last expression. When you meet someone then you have to keep in your mind the proverb which is thought before you lip.

When you meet some one try to talk on good topics don`t start any type of vulgar topics. You can talk about following things:

Ask about hobbies:

You can ask about the hobbies of that person that what you like to do in your free time.  you can also tell your hobbies which you like to do. If there is similarity on both of your hobbies then you can get happy.


You can talk about entertainment which kind of movies that person likes you also discuss which actor and actress both of you like.


Then you can talk about education. What you studied and what other one did. From education, many questions can arise. Like you can talk about your school’s colleges and universities etc.


Books are the good things. We can say this that books are the friends of human. You can talk about books what you like and what other like. And why like that books


you can also talk about friends which type of friends you both have. About your best friends and fellows.

What are the signs of a healthy relationship?

signs of healthy relationship

When you are in a healthy relationship then you are free from all worries. Let’s discuss the signs of a healthy relationship:


In a healthy relationship, you care a lot. you take a great care of your partner from every way. You never let any one hurt your partner. Even you cook for your girlfriend or your wife. Even though you do shopping for your partner.


Love is the most important element. When there is great love between both people then automatically your relation can be healthy


Respect is the root of healthy relation. When you respect your partner then your relation can never be spoilt. And this is the very good sign of healthy relationship.


Trust is very important for every relation. When there is trust then your relation is healthy if there is not trust your relation can never be stronger. Trust can make the relation most beautiful.Broken Trust can be the cause of breaking up with someone you love.





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