Privacy Policy

The privacy policy of the website discloses all privacy practices offered by the website. The website owns all authority to own and operates it along with its subsidiaries and corporate affiliation.

Collected information

The type of information our website collect is general. Personal and on personally identifiable information provided by the users helps to identify the users individually. The non-personally information asked by website will not reveal the identity. Following are the sections which will describe user via information collected by our website. Read why and where we use information collected.

How we use information?

Following are the ways where our website use information whether it is collected whether it is non-identifiable personally or individually identifiable.


Cookies help to keep track of all type of information which a visitors use while visiting a website or our services. Cookies are small or temporary files which are stored on your computer after the confirmation of user. Cookies helps the site owner to count the visitor numbers and also distinguish visitors which keep on visiting the site. These files track the trends of user and allow to save preferences of user so that they do not have to repeat their choices again and again. The website rely on cookies and helps to maintain the performance of website. If browser rejects cookies, then website cannot function. Many users do not accept cookies because they assume that all responsibility will result in loss of functionality. Cookies on our website are not linked to personally identifiable information.

Log files

If any user visits the websites, then server automatically collects information from browser. Browser provides Internet service provider, IP addresses, exit or referring pages, type of platform, time and date stamp. This information will help to prevent fraud, analyze trends, and helps to gather all demographic information. It might be possible that due to some reason we need to track user IP address. This helps that site users are visiting which part of site. Our website does not share these log files externally.

Mobile analytics

Shortly it might be possible that mobile analytics will be applied to expand the functionality of software on phone. The software will help to record the information of the visitor or user, which how frequent he/she uses the website and performance data. The information is not linked or stored when any user submits personally identifiable information.

User information

When any user register, subscribe or select any plan provided on website then it is best to collect a variety of information about user. If any single, search for advice, then there would be many questions whose answers will be asked via questionnaire. The responses of individual will depict the personality and would be confidential. However, if any user reaches out to use via non-personally identifiable information such as height, weight, first name and occupation then, these details will be used to create Profile.

On relationship site, the status must need to be defined. Finally, if any individual whether married, single, seeking friendship, love, interested in boys, girls, widow, etc seek advice, then interactive community provides the best help. Some of the information may be displayed to the community visitors or members. The profile settings are essential and help the website owners to identify the identity. If any user provides videos, photos or any content, then he/she must agree to make it available to the website service. However, according to the privacy statement, any information will not be disclosed to any third party services.

Telephone or email information

For the registration or verification, we will ask about the email address for the services. Even for the promotional material like new product offerings, notification, third party offers or special discounts, website will send an email and enable us to track your activity via email whether you will open the email or not. If you are unable to receive any promotional emails, then check the filter settings correctly. We own right to send various other emails which will be related to the relationship services. These services may include administrative messages, services, announcements which will offer opportunity of receiving them. It might be possible that we contact the user via information provided to us for registration purposes. The communication service varies from email to telephone or even text messages.

Age limit

Age limit includes limited services. The terms and conditions apply to every user or visitor. The users will target sites and services to teenagers who are under 13. This rule applies in compliance with children online privacy protection Act. Any information which will depict false or fake identity will be removed immediately. However, any illegal activity with these accounts or profiles may lead towards ban or legislative act.

Links from other sites

Once the user completes the registration process, then he/she will be able to access a variety of options via their account. The account information of any user can be accessible via third-party links or sites which include social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other. The practices and privacy policies of various sites will help to collect information which will be disclosed on sites and differ from features or practice related to our site. It is best to review the privacy policy and the statement clearly.

This ensures that you submit information on your liability and our website will not be held responsible for any activity performed at other sites. The privacy policy of third party links from our sites or any other website may vary from our site, so we are not responsible for the offerings which will navigate the user from our site.


The data provided to our website whether personally identifiable or non-identifiable will be protected and remain safe. We do not share, sell out or distribute information to other sites including third party application until unless you do not allow us to. The administration can access all type of information so every practice must be taken with proper care. We ensure to provide secure transmission of information related to relationship, user information or other data to servers and computers.

Read privacy policy carefully and continue using our site.