how to survive in long distance relationship?

To make relation is not an uphill task but the issue is how to maintain that relationship and especially when you live in long distance relationship. So how to survive in long distance relationship? Try your best to run your relationship a kind of ideal relationship. One thing which is the key to your healthy relationship that is your intention for that relationship is true then it`s easy for you to make your relationship happier. What are the things which can make your long distance relationship happy here are the tips for this:

Trust :

Trust plays an important role to make a relationship beautiful this thing doesn`t matter either you are living at 1000 miles distance. Trust your partner completely don`t keep doubts in your mind because this thing can make a huge disturbance in a relationship.


Make contact with your partner which is a most important thing. Nowadays mobile phone is very much common you can contact to each other either you are in your country or any other country. As we know social media is very much common and progressed a lot. So make contacts on social media keep an active eye on the posts of your partner.

Visit your partner:

When you are living in other city try your best to visit your partner twice in a month if it is not possible to make sure you visit your partner once in a month. And if you are living in another country then if possible for you then visit your partner twice in a year. Like this, you can easily survive in a relationship.



  • What are the most exciting places to go with friends?

fun places

Friends are the family which you choose at your own will. Friends make your family more beautiful you can enjoy anywhere in the company of your friends.what are the most exciting places to go with friends? Friends are those who can make heaven on earth for you. You can even enjoy in the desert if you are with your friends. Because friends can never let you to bore. You don`t need any specific places for the company of your friends you can enjoy anywhere.

But sometimes you need some exciting places for enjoyment or some time to recall the old memories. So these are some places for enjoyment:

Tour to historical places:

You can go with your friends to any historical place where you can enjoy a lot in here company moreover it can be more informative for you.

Your Ex College :

You can go with your friends to your Ex-college for more enjoyment you can recall your old memory there. This thing can make you more happy and peaceful because everyone knows college life is the superb part of life and nobody can forget that part of life. Canteen fun and lectures you ever bunk are very memorable

  • What are the good things to do with friends?

What are the good things to do with friends?

Friends are the family of our own choice which we chose by our self. Friends console us when we are in worry. They help in all the problems which we face. We can strongly say these friends are the blessing of GOD. You are the luckiest one if your school friend is still your best friend. Friends can make you happy in tension and can make you tense in a happy mood with their jokes. So enjoy the time with your friends as you can because once the time was gone can never be back only memories can remain to save in your mind.

There are some things which you can do with your friends:

Go for dinners:

Go to dinner with your friends and ask them to pay your bill too. Eat a lot because your friend is paying from the it1s pocket.

Go to watch a movie together:

Go with your friend to watch a movie. With your friends, you can enjoy because they can make a lot of fun with you.

Do hang over all the night:

You can go outside for the hangover. By hanging out with friends you can forget your worries tensions and another busy routine of your life.

Play games together:

Play games with them you can play cards, Ceram, lotto and other games with your friends.

How to spice up your marriage after many years of your marriage?

How to spice up your marriage after many years of your marriage

Couples are made in heaven and marriage is the solution of many sins. So many people find out many problems in their partner are spending many years together even they lost the charm of their marriage. There are few simple things which can spice up your marriage more and more. So let’s discuss them.

  • Care your partner as you can do. Because without care no relationship can survive. When you start care for your partner automatically your relation can be run smoothly.
  • Love more as you can do. Don`t allow anyone to interest in your personal life of you both people.
  • Go for dinner as you do that before your marriage. As this thing can increase your love and importance of your partner in the life of each other.
  • Arrange surprises for your partner after many years of your marriage as it can remind you the initial stage of your love.
  • Respect is an important element of your marriage. If you both respect each other then you can run your relation very beautifully. If you respect the family of your partner then this thing can increase the respect and love in the heart of your partner.
  • Don`t give birth to any type of doubts in your relation. As this thing can spoil your relation.


How to cover long distance relationship?

Long distance relationship


Long distance relation most of the time does not work. It`s up to you how you survive with a long-distance relationship. Most of the time long distance relationships do not work well. Many issues occur due to lack of time ignorance and many other things. Here I have following tips by using that you can run your long distance relationship very smoothly. So let`s begin:

Firstly manage your time:

Try your best to manage your time for your partner if you are living in one country. You can go to visit your partner at every weekend for the betterment of your relationship like this both of you cannot complain to each other for the time.

Call each other:

Call each other at least once a time in a day and ask your partner what`s going on. Discuss work detail ask about lunch dinner and breakfast etc like this distance can be short.

Keep in touch with social media:

Keep in touch with social media with each other. Praise each other on social websites. And comment on each other post.

Foreign country:

If you are living in the foreign country then at least visit your wife twice in a week. This thing can remove your distance and will helpful for you to run a smooth relation.

How to get a ride from an abusive relationship?

How to getout of an abusive relationship

It`s not possible to live with an abusive kind of person who abuses you all the time and irritate you for many things that type it`s very important to get a ride from that type of person. When you live such kind of person you can become a patient because torcher of every time can make you sick. Don`t do anything in a hurry to wind up your relation give some time to your relationship for the betterment of you both people.

When you are in an abusive relationship then it might be possible that your partner does not respect you and insult you to everyone which is a most intolerable thing at all. No one is able to tolerate this type of things. So it`s better to leave. Secondly, it might be possible that your partner has many doubts in its mind and torcher on baseless things.

To get a ride from such kind of relation firstly separate your all joint accounts and yourself financially strong and then look upon yourself that either you are able to live an independent life or not. If you are financially stronger then there is no need for any tension.

Which types of relationship you have in your life?

types of relationship

The man is incomplete in out relation. Everyone has many relations in their life. And you are lucky enough if you have many relations in your life and you know how to redeem every relation. In life, every relation has its own value some relations are beautiful but some relations are greater more than everything. Like we have a relation of husband and wife, parents, siblings, cousins and friends. Relation of husband-wife is the root of every relation. Then other relations begins. This relation is a most beautiful relation on this earth.

Next, come to the relation of parents. After husband wife, this relation comes and we can strongly say this that parents are the most precious thing in this world we can never get the alternate of that relation.

Next relation of siblings takes place. This relation has its own beauty. You can not survive without the support of your siblings. Because you really need someone for love, entertainment and for fighting. Siblings love is different kind of love you fight a lot of times to each other but you can`t live without each other.

The relation of friends. Friends are those which make our life beautiful. It`s our family which we choose. Life is colorless without friends.

How can you save your marriage?

How to save your marriage

Marriages are very important part of life. You always have to do your best to save your relationship. Because it`s very hard to survive with a broken heart and this thing can spoil your life and if you have kids then their life can also be affected so before taking any type of step think very well.

It`s very important for a girl to save her relation because most of the time girls stumble in the world. Very rare women can survive alone. Avoid those things which your partner does not demands. Don`t give birth to any type of doubts in your relation.

Live like an understanding partner. Try to protect your partner from every way to feel its importance. Give respect to your partner and take a great care of your partner. Like this, you can save your relationship.

What are the crazy things to do with friends?

crazy things to do with friends

Friends are the family which you choose by your own will. Friends are those who can make you or can spoil you. If you have a good friend it`s your luck in another case a bad friend can be a moral lesson for you. In your free time, you can enjoy a lot in the company of your friends. Without friends your life might be black and white you can not live a bright life.

There are a lot of things to do with friends like you can eat together, you can go shopping together, you can make fun of each other, even you can do shopping at the expense of your friend and many other things of this kind. Here I have some activities which you can do with your friends which are as follows:


You can play many types of games with each other. Moreover, you can play cricket, football, volleyball and many other games which are full of fun.

How to make friends in college?

how to make friends in college

Friends are the important part of life how to make friends in college when you are new. Friends are the best part of life which we choose in our life. Good friends are the blessings of GOD. Friends can make your life beautiful or worse. Because friends can make you or destroy you. So in the choice of friends, you have to be careful. Following are some tips which can be helpful FOR YOU TO make friends in college.

Judge others:

Don`t make friends immediately just give some time to that person with whom you are interested in friendship. Look at the style of talking and moves. meet with the other friends of that person and try to judge them too. Then know about the family of that person.

Intelligent students:

Try to do friendship with an intelligent student because it can be helpful for you in the matter of studies.


Your good behavior can be the cause of your good will. If your attitude is good for everyone you can become a favorite person in your college and everyone tries to be your friend. And this thing can make you popular among students and teachers.

How to make someone happy in the sad mood?

Nobody can always live happy a lot of things can occur which can make your dear or near one sad so how to make someone happy in the sad mood? Although it’s very tough to make someone happy is a good thing. This thing can be rewarded life after death. So the thing is how you can make happy in the sad mood so here I have some tips to make them happy:

Go for a long drive:

Go for the long drive to change its mood and listen to music at full volume to chill that person. Go to some beautiful places especially for natural sceneries.

Eat ice cream:

Eat ice cream together. As everyone like ice cream too much so eats ice cream this thing can make your mood happy.

Watch movie:

Watch the movie to covert its attention it’s good if you watch any absurd movie because this thing can create a lot of laughter.

Talk about the matter on which he is anxious:

Talk about the matter which makes him sad. Because sharing is the good thing by sharing you can decrease your tension and headache.


Help for that matter and try your best to solve it.


How well do you know your partner?

how well do you know your partner

When you commit yourself to any relationship then it`s your duty how to well do you know your partner? It is very necessary to know your partner well otherwise this thing can create many problems in your life or perhaps it can destroy your relationship. If you don`t know your partner well many types of misunderstanding can take birth into your relation. So after committing in any relation try to well-known your partner. There are some tips to know your partner well.

Likes and dislikes:

Try to know likes and dislikes of your partner which are the things that your partner likes and which are the things which he doesn’t like. Try to make yourself according to the likes of your partner and avoid those things which your partner dislikes.


You can ask your partner about his favorite foods and try to cook those dishes to make some place in the heart of your partner.

Books :

Ask for his favorite books and try to study those books which he likes. Underline those things which you like in that book and then surprisingly utter those sentences in front of your partner.

What are your demands in your partner for which you are looking for?

What are your demands in your partner for which you are looking for?

Everyone wants its partner the best one in the world what are your demands in your partner for which you are looking for? A male always wants her wife a perfect lady she has to be the taller smart and good looking further he thinks about her character her job her status her qualification etc.

Let`s have a detail description of that thing which everyone wants in its partner:

External looks:

Nowadays external looks mean a lot. If your external looks are cool then everyone will like you a lot. Because in this era everyone wants either girl or boy a perfect match. So it`s necessary to look moderate and good for a good match.


Meanwhile, your character matters a lot. If your character is lost nobody will ever want to marry if your character is lost.

The way of talking:

Your way of talking matters a lot. If you talk to everyone politely and smoothly then this thing can attract others.


Your education matters a lot if you are educated you can be more respected in the family and on the other hand you can bring up your kids well.


Status matters a lot nowadays in girls this thing is very common. If your status is high you can easily get a partner.


How to deal with break up?

how to deal with breakup

The breakup is not a big deal it`s quite a normal thing. Sometimes in true relationships breakup occurs for a little period. But the main issue is how to deal with a breakup?  If you both were sincere then perhaps any type of misunderstanding happened.

By this, you both can get each other back. On the other hand, if you really want separation then you have to finish all types of contacts with each other. Even don`t care either your ex is live or die. Make yourself much stronger as you can because like this you can fulfill the commitment which you do with yourself. But one thing which can be helpful to forget that person is forgiveness.

This is the best way to forget someone. Forgive and let that person damn. But when you saw or realize that person was love and fair with you and wants one chance from you to prove itself. If you realize this time your EX really has regrets then forgive and make your relation quite worthful.




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