Judge the Signs She Wants a Relationship With You.

signs she wants a relationship with you

Its human nature that everyone falls in love expression of love is necessary women can`t tell directly about there feeling you have to understand by signs she wants a relationship with you.

If anyone loves you then she will give you some signs she wants a relationship with you. It is to be written by famous play writer SHAKESPEARE that you are lucky enough if you are the first love of your wife. If someone really loves then it`s your duty to understand her feelings. Try to understand her feelings by her acts. Here are some description by using them you can easily understand the signs of any women who is caring for you.

If she spends her time:

If she spends her precious time with you and feels happy in your company then here is a sign that she loves you. You also have to give good signs at this condition.

If she cooks for you:

If she cooks your favorite dishes and trying her level best to learn all that things which you like more than you have to understand there is a sign of love.

If she does shopping for you:

If she does shopping for you and give costly gifts then it means she has special feelings for which she is trying to express through her act.

If she asks about your choice:

Here is a clear hint if she asks you about your choice again and again. And she tries to make up herself according to your choice then it means she has a special corner for you in her heart.

A dressing of your favorite colours:

If she dressed up according to your choice and wears that colours which you like the best then it`s means she is trying to impress you.

Long phone calls:

If she made long phone calls and tells you the whole day story then it`s clear that she takes you as someone special in her life then you have to take care of her feelings.

Cute messages:

If she sends you cute messages and is about love. But if she is not expressing her love to you directly then it means indirectly she is expressing her love to you. At that moment if you love her you must have to purpose her.

 Touchy for yourself:

If she is touchy for you and taking your tensions like as her own tensions then it means that she is truly in love with you and takes a great care of you.

Great active listener:

If she listens to you very carefully then it means she cares you and can`t ignore you. This only that person do who loves you a lot.

Eyes contact:

If she does eyes contact you then it means there is a thing hidden from her eyes and which you have to read and catch it. Firstly you have to judge either her eyes really try to find out you whenever you are missing.

Help you:

You have to notice if she always help you in your need. You always find herself whenever there is need of any true person. And she always helps you without showing you.

She remembers your little things:

She always remembers the very little things you don`t even notice by yourself. Then you have to realize that this is the true person that love you and you don`t have to let her go.

First birthday wish:

If she is conscious for your birthday and become the first one who wishes you on your birthday which you don`t even remember and arrange a birthday party for you and give you a big surprise then it means she really loves you.

Introduced you to her family:

if she introduced you to her family then it means that she really find something in you special and think that you are able to meet her family then there is a clear hint which she giving you.

Secure feeling with you:

signs she wants a relationship with you

If she feels her self-secure with you then it means she looks at you like a partner. A woman always wants to see in her husband two persons which are brother and her father, love like a father and safety or protection of a brother. If you are able to give these two things to her then she is lucky enough to have you. You have to purpose her.

She left all her boyfriends:

If she really wants you or we can if she really loves you then she must leave all of her boyfriends or all that persons which you don`t like. If she did this same thing when she really wants you.

Love your family:

If she loves your family it means she loves you that`s why she is naturally in love with your family. It`s true if you really love someone you will fall in love with his everything.

Talk about serious matters:

If she gets personal to you then it means she is interested to know about your serious matters which are sometimes the cause of your tensions.  This thing shows that she really loves you and is trying to solve your worries

Take care of your family:

She takes a great care of your family and tries her best to win the hearts of your family then it means she sees your family as her own family and your family also looks upon her as a future daughter in law. Then you have to understand that this person is right for you


In a nutshell, we can strongly say this woman always feel blush to express her feeling. She always wants that her lover to purpose her. She can spend many years without telling anyone about her one-sided love. But she silently loves her lover it`s up to man how he understands the signs she wants a relationship with you. 






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