4 Unbelievable Facts About Why Should I Text my EX?

should i text my ex

After separation when you start missing your EX than a first thing which comes to your mind is “WHY should I text my EX.

One thought why should I text my EX  is the cause of great disturbance in yourself after break up. In the present ERA if you find true love this is the blessing of GOD. So if your love was true from both sides then do not let it go.

Many misunderstandings take place in everybody life and the best solution for all of them is to sort out your issues with a peaceful mind.  Let`s have a look at those tricks which might be useful for you to rebuilt your relation again.

1: Should I Text my Ex Before Realizing my Importance

When you get close to someone then a bit of space is very much important. So that gives some space and time to miss you and to make him realize that no one can replace you. Let me tell you what things you have to do for the implementation of this rule.

  • Don`t contact at the starting days of break up.
  • Don`t call him back.
  • Leave your town for some days.
  • Make a self-analysis during vacations.
  • Stop stalking if you’re doing this or thinking of it.
  • Do not show your sadness on social media.

These things can be helpful for you are badly missing your EX. Let me briefly elaborate these tips.

Don`t contact in the starting days:

Don`t contact your EX in the starting days after break up. Because this thing might be not useful or perhaps does not work. That`s why do not do any contact at the very first week of break up.

If you send him the message that you are missing him and wants your EX to miss you too in return is not good. It looks odd rather look sweet. You are still in contact if you are doing this which is not useful.

It`s better not to do any type of contact at least for one week.

Do not call back your EX:

Do not call back your EX in the starting days if your EX-call you Or text you first. Ignore it for one week. Because like this you can realize your EX about your importance. Like this, you can create pulsation in your EX and can rebuild the strong feelings of nostalgia.

Leave your town for some days:

Leave your town for some days and go on vacation in northern areas. Enjoy as much as you can because you are doing this to calm yourself.

Make a self-analysis:

When you go for vacations make a self-analysis either you are happy without him or you are missing him. Firstly fully enjoy with your friends or with yourself then think what do you want for next life.

Like this, you can get a better time to think and to realize either you can live happily with him or can live your life happier away from him.

So make during that tour think about it.

Stop stalking your EX if you are doing this:

Well, when you are giving space to your EX for the betterment of your relationship then stop stalking if you are doing this. Stalking is like “Espionage”. You sit in front of your EX`s house when you know about the arrival of your EX.

This is not good habit further you check secretly social media accounts like facebook Instagram Viber and other email accounts if you have passwords. If you do this then you are not giving time to each other to realize the importance of each other.

Overcome your sadness:

Don`t become sad too much because this thing can make you very weak which is not good for this type of situation. Try to divert your attention. Think less about it as you can.

2: Should i text my ex after betterment of myself.

should i text my ex

You have to do many things for the betterment of yourself. For this thing your own struggle matters. Before patch up, you have to do all experiments to make yourself stronger. So what to do for the betterment of yourself let`s have a look at them:

Contact your old friend also make some new friends:

Friends are the best part of life and especially in this type of condition they can help you a lot. a good friend is a blessing of GOD and if you really have some good friends then you can pass a good time with them.

You can also make some new friends if your old friends have not much time. This thing can be much useful for you because you will get a chance to know other people their thoughts and many other informative things.

So make contact with your friends and go out. Take a chill pill. Like this, your attention will be diverted from your EX.

Make yourself busy in your hobby:

You can pass your time by making yourself busy in your favorite hobby. Make yourself free from each and every way and do whatever you want to do. Make yourself busy this thing will make jealous of your EX. Because you are spending a fun loving life without your EX.

Take a great care of your health:

Take a great care of your health after a break up does not eat junk food, fast food, and other unhealthy foods. Make a great care of yourself. Go for walk regularly at least for an hour. Give yourself at least two hours in a day to maintain yourself. Stop your cravings and eat healthy foods.

Give yourself a new look:

Give yourself one attractive look. Change out your dressing sense use out some good brands which enhance your personality. Give yourself a new haircut. Change the color of your hair. Wear those dresses which are different from your normally dressing.

3: how to text your EX after no contact:

should i text my ex

When you don`t have any type of contact with your EX but now the time comes for the patch up than how you can text your EX:

First message:

You have to message first to your EX. Message your EX simply about hello hi. Talk politely and smile. Show your EX that you were not deeply affected by break up. The text is a good way to the patch after break up. You are not bound to call your EX. Simply text your EX.

Remind your EX about past memories:

When you restart contact with your EX then you must have to remind past memories to realize your EX how much happy you both were in past. Talk about that good time of life. This thing may have some positive effects on your life. Perhaps this thing proves as a good hope of future life.

Act differently in front of your EX at first meeting:

Act differently in front of your EX when you met. Realize him how much sweet loving and caring you were before break up and now you have quite a different attitude. Your EX could see the coldness of your behavior.

Play it smoothly:

Even after initial contact with your EX-don`t show any type of desperation to your EX. Realize your EX you missed him/her but don`t show your desperation. Into very initial contact walk smoothly with your EX.

4 : what to do when you come in contact again?

If your love for your love was true then which things can make your relationship much stronger so let`s have a look at them:


Trust is the most important thing to build any relationship. It`s more important to run a relationship without trust you can not build a healthy relationship. Especially when you patch up with your lover then trust play an important role to make a relationship worthy. So you both have to trust each other.

Be honest:

As we know honesty is a big policy that`s why you have to be honest with your relationship.  Firstly make sure you are honest with yourself then you can be honest with your relationship.

Communication skills:

Communication is necessary for every relationship. You must have to communicate with each other. Talk freely and openly with other and discussed all the matters with each other.

Time management:

Time is a most precious thing. I think it`s the best gift when you give your precious time to anyone. You must have to manage your time for your lover. And talk to each other show each other`s importance.


Respect is more important than love. If you love your partner but do not respect then your love doesn`t matter. So respect is important. Especially a girl demands only respect to his husband. And it will right to say “do respect have respect”


you have to be caring much for the Ybreakup. If you love your partner then obviously you care your partner. But remember one thing once you did break up with your lover after then your relationship becomes weak. You have to do everything double. Double love, double care, and double respect.


Why should I text my EX is not a big deal to make you understand. If you love your partner then it`s simple you can not live without him/her. But at the same time if some problems misunderstandings occur you have to sort out them and it`s necessary to make realize another person about your love and your care. So this was the small philosophy of life hope you like it.









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