What are You Looking for in a Relationship Partner Which You Demand for the Whole Life.


what are you looking for in a relationship partner

Choose your partner carefully and keep those things in your mind that what are you looking for in a relationship partner?

Every single person is conscious of choosing a partner but which thing you are looking for in a relationship partner? Although it`s a job to get the partner with those things which you demand. Here  I’m going to discuss some things which you have to see in your partner before taking any step. There are a lot of things which everyone wants in their partner before marriage and after marriage.

The first thing which everyone need is Mutual understanding.

Mutual understanding:

This is most important part of every relationship. Everyone demands that there must be a mutual understanding in every partner. Because no relation can run without mutual understanding.

Give something and take it in love:

Give something to your partner and return everything from your partner in the reaction of love. Love is that thing which everybody needs and necessary.

Takes your pain:

You need that your partner takes your pain and feel that pains like his own. And make you comfortable and encourage you everywhere.

Full happiness:

Everyone needs love and happiness both in a relationship. The relationship is incomplete without pure happiness. If you are not happy in your relationship then your relation is fruitless.


You demand that your partner does sacrifices for you where you don`t even expect that sacrifices from him. This thing creates more love and understanding in your relationship.

Pure promises:

Make pure promises in your relationship which you are able to fulfill. Remember don`t make that type of promises which you are not able to fulfill because broken promises hurt most of the time.

Share your burden:

Share your burden with your partner because a thing can make you relax. And maybe your tension can release.

Feel your partner very special:

Feel your partner that he is one of the precious things in your life. Make him feel that your life is a trash thing without you. And you are the gift from GOD. Even make your partner feel that you can`t live without your partner.


There is no one who doesn’t like surprises. And surprises are those things which make everyone closer to each other. By doing this thing you can make your partner happy.


Make compromise in every relationship. Without compromise, no relation can run. This thing demanded by every girl and boy. Because there always come many ups and downs in life and you have to become very strong at that stage and this thing is only possible when your partner stands with you for compromise.

Good listener:

Everyone demands that their partner must be a good listener. Because if you have good listener then you are able to convey that thing which you want to say. If you don`t have good listener then it`s possible that most of the things remain unspoken.


This thing is mostly made for girls. Because most of the girls are fond of shopping. And girls always expect that their partner does shopping for them to please them. Do shopping and buy many gifts to make your partner happy.

Prefer your partner:

Prefer your partner in many things by which your partner can be happy. Every one demand this thing that their partner give them first priority. If in many of your matters your give you preference then it means your partner is a true lover.

Remain in touch:

What are you looking for in a relationship partner

Remain in touch with your partner. This thing creates more love and keeps both loves birds closer. Text each other call each other whenever you got free time. This thing can make your partner feel more important part of your life.

Be true to your partner:

This is very important to live true with your partner. Once you lie with your partner it can break the trust of your partner. And it is to say once lair is always lair.

Take all type of interest in you:

This is a most genuine thing that every person wants. The partner must take an interest in every kind of you. Because this thing can never admit to anyone that their partner takes interest else than you.


Trust is a most important thing. Without trust, no relation can run. So you both have to trust completely.

Long drive:

Make long drives this thing looks more appealing and can be helpful to make two lovebirds more close.


What are you looking for in a relationship partner

To conclude the whole debate I can say this there are many things which everyone demands What are you looking for in a relationship partner, and what their partner should do for you. You should see that your partner must have to take care of you do everything to make you happy make compromises for you do sacrifices for you and never let you alone. Love you from the core of the heart.

Real love is that when you are happy spending time together even if one of you is asleep.

Your partner must think this before going to sleep that “you are the last about whom I think before the sleep and first one of whom I think when I wake up.

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