What is a Healthy Relationship and How to Keep it Alive for a Long Time?

what is a healthy relationship

A healthy relationship is essential to keep the things going right.

There are numerous benefits that usually entertain the individuals. Getting a happier response and a satisfactory reply to all your desire is one of the best outcomes. A relationship takes the time to grow, needs commitments and care for keeping it fresh throughout life.

A healthy relationship demands the more time to put into it, responsive affection and care. the addition of trust and open communication also plays a vital role in strengthening the base of a healthy relationship. You cannot keep a relationship healthy and fresh without the addition of the equity and respect. Shared interests while assuring the individuality provide the proficient space for enhancing the compromises what is a healthy relationship?

How to maintain a healthy relationship alive for a long time?

Keeping your relationship healthier for a long time demands some of the most essential and important practices. Lack of these practices can lead towards the unhealthy relationship.  People who regularly give a look back to all the odds that are devastating the base of the healthy relationships keeps its freshness alive for a long time.On the other hand, ignorance and demanding behavior usually become the adhesive causes of ruining it.

Signs which indicate your relationship is healthy

There are numerous signs of a healthy relationship that provide a sigh of relief to the individuals. You must believe that no relationship in this world is perfect. However, the cheerful signs of the healthy relationships always bring the happiness and eliminate unwanted stress.

A healthy relationship has the following indications which tell you whether it is going in the right direction or not.

  • Your relationship is not suffering from any violence.
  • There exists balance in the relationships between friends and family.
  • Your separate identity is given respect
  • You express yourself openly to one another without any hesitation
  • You don’t worry about the big arguments
  • You always feel safe and secure
  • You don’t put any question mark on trusting each other
  • You are open to say ”NO” to the things that make you uncomfortable
  • You often forgive one another for silly mistakes
  • You don’t have any communication gap
  • You have a space for negotiations on conflicts
  • You know your partner weaknesses but don’t highlight them in an argument

How to diminish the threats of an unhealthy relationship?

There are abundant threats that always discomfort you when you are in a healthy relationship. To keep the things going in the right direction you must involve the following practices for diminishing the threats of an unhealthy relationship.

  • Don’t give space to pressure which can discomfort the partner
  • Keep your partner active even if he/she disagree with you
  • Don’t let your partner feel insecure and unsafe
  • Remove the misunderstandings for settling down the anxiety of your partner
  • Don’t neglect the presence of your partner
  • Don’t quit the activities in anger that have provided you and your partner joy and happiness
  • Adjust yourself even if your partner is not agreeing with you
  • Justify your actions for regaining the trust and harmony in the relationship
  • Fulfills the needs and desires of your partner even if you are taking the matter too seriously
  • Control your anger while arguing with your partner
  • Try to manipulate the silly mistakes with maturity
  • Keep manipulating your partner and support him/her morally
  • Notice what your partner is complaining about
  • Fill the gap by involving both in other social activities
  • Don’t mistreat each other
  • Give respect to the family and friends of one another even if you are reluctant to do so.

Causes that are harming the freshness of your healthy relationship?

There are numerous causes that are leading your relationship to the wrong direction. The unending stress and discomfort of an unhealthy relationship might cause depression in severe cases. So you must have a look at the causes and factors that are forcing your relationship to suffer.

  • You are treating your partner harshly
  • You have not given proper attention to your partner
  • You have prioritized the other things over your partner’s desires and feelings
  • You have involved someone else in between you and your partner
  • You are harming your partner physically and sexually
  • You are disturbing the harmony of your relationship by adhering the respect to your partner’s family and friends
  • You are not taking the things seriously
  • You have started dealing with the regular matters more furiously
  • You have skipped all the activities which brought happiness to both
  • You have started living for yourself
  • You are not taking your responsibilities seriously

When and from where you should seek help for your relationship?

Most of the people who are suffering from the unhealthy relationships don’t know the answer to this important question What is a Healthy Relationship. Hence lead the matter towards the worse conditions without knowing the true cause. The best time to seek the help from the others is the realization that the things have now gone out of your control. If you are failing in regaining cherish and comfort of the relationship, then this is the right time to seek help for saving your relationship.

Involving other in the time of need for keeping your relationship alive doesn’t put a question mark on your privacy. Well, if you think so then you must resolve the matters before they harm your relationship badly. You need to contact the family of your partner for resolving the issues. Involving your family in the matters that are out of your control is one of the best and most proficient practice. This will not harm the privacy of your relationship. You can seek the help from common friends which are very close to both of you. Telling them the root cause and discussing the real matter with them will bring the efficacious solution.