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what is true love

What is True what to do When You Find it in your Life?

Real love is knowing someone`s weaknesses and not taking advantages of them but what is true love? how does it happen? what to do when you find true love in your life? According to me true love is knowing someone`s flaws and accepting them happily. True love can not find out by everyone there are only a few people who can find out true love into their life. Love is a quite precious thing.

The Beauty of Love:

LOVE is a beautiful thing when you think someone is yours it`s a nice feeling. But it`s true that love takes a time to begin people who said we fall in first sight love are fake. One sight love is not possible don`t ever believe it. Because this type of love is not successful.

It is to be said love is sweet when it`s new but it`s sweeter when it`s true. When you fall in love with someone everything about that person becomes beautiful.

Natural Thinking:

Love is a natural thing it is the relation of a soul. We fall in love by chance with a most unexpected person at a most unexpected time. So love is natural and when you fall in love everything becomes natural in your acts.

True love:

Finding true love is difficult but with your good luck and patience, you can find that person which meant a lot to you. If you find a true love you are lucky enough. Your true will respect you, guide you and protect you from every way. A girl always tries to find out the reflection of her father in her partner. Because the father is a precious thing for daughters because for every girl father is best protector and guide

Needs of a lover:

In real love, there is no need of body, looks, and money it only demands one thing which is inside in you.

There are three things which everyone demands from a true and real love. Which is thus

  • never crying eyes
  • never lying lips
  • a love which never dies

The happiness of love:

love is that thing in which happiness of other person is more essential. It is not easy to lose the true love you have to do fight for your true love because replacement of true love is impossible.


These three words meant a lot for those who really know it`s worth. Because by saying these three words you can change someone’s life. When you think someone becomes yours that`s an unexplainable feeling. When you fall in true love you start smiling, you start living happy and everything which is related to your lover meant a lot to you.[For More: What Does Love Feel Like.

God made love for the sake of souls, not for the sake of body need. In true love, only one reflection of your love is sufficient for you because it can make you happy and can vibrate your inner soul and also yourself.


Gifts enhance the love. In true love, you start doing shopping for your lover to please your lover. That time your lover becomes your first priority. Your lover`s likes and dislikes become your choice. You start thinking about your lover from morning to evening.

Your thoughts:

You always try to live close to your partner. After your sleep, you first think about your lover and then do other works.

Two-sided love:

Love someone from one side is good but when it is on both sides it`s great. So be with someone who will take your great care not materialistically but take care of your heart soul your emotions and your feelings.

Proof of love:

It`s important to say I love again and again but more important is to prove your love. If your partner proof it then you are in true relation to the true person. Try to proof your actions, not with words.

When you are in true love you find everything brighter in the company of your lover but if you are not with your lover then it is like someone turned out the light.

Afraid of departure:

When you both fall in love don`t afraid of departure because true love can never die. So in the choice of lover don`t get hurry because the true person always comes at last. In true love, both persons do not look at each other but they look at same direction. When you fall in love with someone who was imperfect but after falling in love it seems to perfect from the eyes of love.

This is the reason how two persons stay together they give those things to each other which the third person can`t do. When two persons really care about each other they will always look for a way to make it work no matter how hard it is.

In practical life:

A real man gives his lady love, attention and care which she desires and treats her like a queen and feel her important and this thing is same in the case of a woman she treats her husband as a king and becomes the queen of that kind.


Respect is a most important thing. No relation can run when you don`t have respect. In the matter of female, she just wants respect from her man. Your relation can be more beautiful if you both pay attention and respect to each other.

Nothing to hide:

When you have true relation then there is nothing to hide from each other. You explain everything to your partner not to create any types of doubts.

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To conclude the whole debate we can say this in present era it`s impossible to find out what is true love you are lucky enough if your partner is true to you. Although it`s not possible to live with a one-sided relationship you are lucky if you find out both sided relationship. Respect your lover never let your lover go away. Live a blissful life with your lover.






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