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what to do with your friends


Here I have some things which can be helpful for you when you think what you have to do with your friends?

Friends are the family which you choose for yourself. What to do with your friends when are free. You are lucky enough if your friends are very fair to you. Firstly choose friends very carefully because your friend is that person who can make you or spoil you.

There are a lot of things to do with friends which can make you feel better. You can do a party with friends, long drive, combine study and many other things. With friends, you can forget your sorrow. A true friend is the blessing of GOD. You are lucky if nursery class friend is still your best friend.

What to do with friends when you get bored:

  • Play games:

Play games with your friends when you get bored. Invite your friends to a ground and play cricket football hockey and other games which can make you happy. By playing games you can feel happy and your mind can be fresh.

  • Cook together:

Cooking is a good job for girls and it becomes awesome when you cook it with your friends. Like if you are living in a hostel and you cook at midnight with your friends it will make you happy and will save as a good memory in your mind. And you will remind it of your future life how you did enjoy with your friends at that night.

  • Shopping:

Shopping is wonderful thing nobody dislikes shopping especially when it is made with your friends it becomes more adventures. You can enjoy a lot with your friends during shopping. So go shopping with your friends for enjoyment.

  • Exams preparation:

You can enjoy a lot when you do study with your friends during exams. Because exams tension is one of worst thing and with friends your tension about exams can be less.. so do a study with your friends. Your friends can help you and make you laugh.

  • Swimming pools:

In summer you can enjoy a lot of swimming pools. Because swimming pool is one of the enjoyable points. Especially when you are with your friends your swimming pool party can become more memorable.

  • Night parties:

Enjoy midnight parties with your friends. It can relax you and can soothe your worries and keep you calm. So it`s not a bad thing to go to night parties with your friends for enjoyment and for releasing worries.

  • Home party:

Night parties are only suitable for boys but if you are a girl then home parties are good for you. Invite your friends at home and o whatever you want to do with them. Cook with them plays with them laugh with them.

  • Combine study:

Do combine study with your friends because like this you’re a lot of time can be saved. And you don`t need any tuition and all that because your friend can teach you more easily than a tutor.

  • Long drives:

Go for long drives with your friends and enjoy them. You can never forget that long drive which you made with your friends. Eat a lot of things during driving. Listen to loud music in the car. And make your drive most memorable.

  • Trips:

In student life, many types of trips occur. Like student tour entertaining tour and many other of this type. Never miss those trips and enjoy a lot there. When your studies get over you`ll definitely miss it. So enjoy a lot of your student life as much as possible and capture those lovely moments in your life.

  • Photoshoots:

As photos are the memorable things and remind your happy moments in your future. Which can refresh your past memories? So in your happy moments do the photo shoot with your friends and save them as a precious thing.

  • Go for a movie:

Go for a movie with your friends. And have a good time with them. It will refresh your mind and will make you happy. Moreover, you will get time for your friends and can get a ride from your boredom.

  • Birthday parties:

Attend birthday party with your friends and feel them their importance in your life. Make surprise birthday parties for your friends to make feel them special. Give a beautiful gift to your friend and love your friend a lot.

  • Treat your friend`s family as your own family:

Treat your friends family as your own family. Treat their parents like you treats your parents. And meet with them to show your love for them.

  •  Have a BBQ:

Everyone is found BBQ. SO plane BBQ with your friends on any weekend. Invite your all friends and family there. Meet your friends with your cousins and other relatives. And enjoy a lot of thinking this that moments can never come back again.

  • Make precious your friends wedding:

Whenever any of your friends are going to weds enjoy a lot of the wedding. Made expense at the wedding of your friend. Arrange Dance parties and other singing parties for your friend. Attend the wedding of your as you are the member of your friend`s family.

  • Do work with your friend:

Do work for your friend. As it can make your friend happy. And your friend can judge that you are the true friend of mine.

  • Sunday fun day:

Make Sunday as a fun day. Organize a party or make a get together on Sunday. And enjoy a lot with your friends and don`t forget that precious moment from your life.

  • Conclude:

To conclude the whole debate we can strongly agree on this point that friends are the life or life is with friends. You can enjoy the life in school colleges and universities if you have good friends with you in your life.But what to do with your friend for the sack of good memories. Do a lot of things with your friends to make your day beautiful. Because after your study life you`ll miss that moment and will do wish to back in the memories of past life. So enjoy much as you can. And leave your friend as a friend.


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