When to Leave a Relationship With Your Dear and Near One?

when to leave a relationship

In any relation you can not make anyone always happy here the thing is when to leave a relation with your dear and near one.

In everybody life, many ups and downs come which disturb a lot of relations and things when to leave a relationship with your dear one with whom you are now uncomfortable. Firstly think about one thing why you want to leave a relationship what is the reason which becomes the cause of your unhealthy relation and you are seriously on that view to leave a relationship.

Don`t leave your relation at the very early stage of your disputes give your relation a bit space to cover up after then when you feel this relation can`t work more than leaving that relation. But before leaving think how to leave relationship more gracefully?

There are many causes when you have to leave your relationship which is as follow.

When you hurt:

When someone hurts you a lot then you have to move on from that relationship. If you are in relation to your lover and your lover hurt you many times then don`t hurt your self-respect and move on. Here it`s necessary because most of the time hurtings become mental torcher and you feel uncomfortable with your lover.


When someone cheats you then it`s becomes very difficult to live such kind of person. Because when you come to know someone cheated you then you can never trust that person. And many types of doubts take place in your heart.

And then most of the time it becomes necessary to leave that person. When your best friend cheats you can get very hurt because friends are the family which you choose by yourself and your best friend knows your all secrets.

So leave friend as a friend it`s the best way to break up.  When your lover cheats you then it`s important to break up with that person because that person can never make you happy in next life.

Live in past more than the present:

It`s true that you can not live happy if you live in past more than present. Your past can spoil out your present relation and most of the time you become panic because your past is disturbing you present. Then to leave that current relation is essential. Because you can`t live with both facts. You always have to choose only one way. That thing can make your life much easier.

 When your relation brings more pain:

When your relationship brings more pains then it`s not good to live in that type of relation. Because no one can bear pains all the time. Then you both have to leave relationship very smoothly. In past may be you live happy then your present and that thing is becoming the real cause of your frustration and exaltedness. This thing is very painful when your lover does not make you feel happy.


When your partner doesn’t trust you then it is necessary to leave your partner and try your best to forget that person. Because trust is only one thing which can build your relation. Without trust, no relation can survive. And when your partner doesn’t trust then it`s very important to leave that person.

Different thoughts:

When you both are on different views then it`s necessary to leave that relation. Because in a healthy relation you both look at the same side and can run a relation only in this situation. When your choice your thoughts are different then it`s very difficult task to survive n that relation. It`s good to move on.

Extramarital affair:

This thing can be the cause of your broken relationship. Most of the time males make extramarital affair in their life when they don`t get any type of satisfaction from their wives. Or maybe when their wives do not fulfill their demands and don`t make themselves according to their wish in the result they conduct extra-marital affairs then firstly think either you are able to make yourself according to your partner`s demand but when you think it`s impossible for you then leave that person.

Financial issues:

Financial issues can be the cause of YOUR unhealthy relation. It`s a fact that man is the holder of the family but when man did not fulfill his duty rightly then this thing can give you mental tensions and spoil your life.

Because for a housewife it`s impossible to run a house when her husband does not pay attention to his home and don`t care for the study of his kids just enjoy his own life then it`s necessary to leave such kind of relation.

Disputes and abuses:

When in a relation many types of disputes occur then it`s very important to leave such relation. Because disputes cannot make your relation peaceful. So when this type of situation occurs in your relation then it`s right for you to leave the relationship to get some peace.

No one can ever bear abuses, especially from their partner. Because abuses are the very cheap thing and this thing lose your temper and hurt you.

 No communication:

When there is a lack of communication you cannot convey your feelings your inner emotions then this thing becomes the cause of broken relation and you even don`t want to live for a minute in that relation and leave that relation becomes important for you.


To conclude the silky threads of life it`s important to know when to leave a relationship with your dear and near ones. When your partner doesn’t take interest in you then it`s necessary to leave that person because when you live in a relation without your own will then a lot of problems occur. Think many times whenever you are going to commit to a relation. Because this thing can save you from those things which can be the cause of your broken relationship.


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