Marriage Failure: when to Leave your Marriage?

when to leave your marriage?

One of the most painful situations is observing your marriage collapse or disintegrates.

It is one of the most painful situations that you will face in your lifetime. Serious misunderstandings or marriage problems don’t occur suddenly, they slowly take place in your life. If you realize that you both can’t live together or you both are facing certain problems in continuing your life as a couple then you should seriously focus on the solution.

In this world, a lot of people are suffering from this type of problems. In radio, television shows etc this question is asked very frequently that when to leave your marriage? A complete description of the answer to this question is given below.

Marriage Failure: when to leave your marriage?

Many problems lead to failure of marriages. A lot of people are suffering from this type of problems.

People often think that their marriages are not repairable. So in unhappy marriages, there are different signs that are observed in a relation that leads to failure. Like fights that remain unresolved. Due to this type of issues, everyday distance starts taking place in a relationship.

Romance also vanishes from life. You don’t want to go on a date with your partner. You don’t want to spend time with each other. You start making your own decisions without taking suggestions from your partner. These all are signs of failure of marriages.

when to leave your marriage?

Negativity overcomes your relation rapidly. It is really a very bad issue that often leads to separation of the couple. Studies reveal that in a balanced relation there must be 5 positive actions for each negative action. If this ratio is not maintained then maybe it’s time for taking some decision regarding the split.

One other major reason for failure is that that you don’t want to talk to each other anymore and you both don’t want to share your stories and feelings with each other. Sharing stuff, stories, feelings etc increase understanding between the couple and it is a shortcut method to strengthen relationships.

The final point from where the possibility of return does not exist is the point at which you realize that your marriage is over. At this point putting your relationship again back to normal conditions is nearly impossible. These questions will clearly answer your question that when to know your marriage is over? If unfortunately, the answer is yes then it’s time to terminate this relationship.

  • Does every situation lead to a fight? No matter how big or small the problem is.
  • Respect factor from a relationship is gone completely?
  • You both feel finally unattractive to each other?
  • You both started hating each other?

A solution to Marriage Problems: Marriage Counseling:

 Some people consider that divorce is the best solution for them but most people wishes to try some other alternative options through which they can spend their life together happily by understanding each other in every aspect of life.

One of the major solutions is marriage counseling. It is also known as couple therapy. This is basically an approach through which relationships are improved and the conflicts are resolved after identifying all the problems. It is basically a type of psychotherapy.

This is provided by different licensed therapists who are also familiar as family therapists. Mostly both partners work with the therapist depending on the situation. If marriage counseling is done at the beginning of a relationship than couples gain more understanding of each other.

You may consider marriage counseling due to following possibilities. It will also answer the question how do you know when to divorce.

 1.Negative Communication:

           It is not easy to mold the conversation in the right direction from the wrong direction. Negative communication means the conversation or talk that leaves you or your partner depressed, unconfident, self-doubting and ignored etc or no communication in marriage. This may be due to a number of possible reasons like the tone of the discussion etc. It may also hurt someone feelings.

2.When separation seems to be a final solution:

           When it seems that your partner doesn’t understand you and argumentation etc occurs often due to which you both are irritated and annoyed.

3.When a settlement is made for children:

           When you or your partner doesn’t understand each other and you feel that you are not compatible with each other but you are living together just for the sake of your children then it is time to discuss this matter with a therapist in order to resolve this issue.

4.Signs you are headed for divorce

when to leave your marriage?


Many people ask about when to leave your marriage. Here some signs are discussed. There are great possibilities of disconnection and separations if one of you criticizes other on regular basis habitually then you are striking each other personally.

When you both don’t pay attention to each other, you both don’t share your feelings, don’t share your problems, any one of you feel insecure and irritated with other and this all remains unsolved even after marriage counseling then these all are signs of divorce.

You can simply decide when you should divorce your husband if you don’t have feelings for your husband if he is not sincere with you if he is having an affair with someone, if he doesn’t understand you and if physical abuse occurs in your relationship etc.

Don’t take the decision of divorce too quickly. Most people do this mistake and even after fights etc, they take the decision of divorce and then they realize their mistake when everything finishes. It does not only affect you and your partner only. Your children will be affected much more as compared to both of you.

Your one decision is snatching happiness, enjoyment and fun etc of your children’s complete life. They will definitely miss you and the care and affection from you. So before deciding that divorce is the last option you must be aware of what you are going to lose.

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