12 Unbelievable Facts About Why Do I Like Him.

why do i like him?

Why Do I Like Him is Quite Easy to Explain. I Like Him Because he has all that Things Which Every Girl Demands in this Present Era.

Why do I like him? He is the man who really loves me and always comes to my expectations that`s why I really like him. Perhaps he is your friend your cousin or maybe your teacher your boss your class fellow your college fellow or any other person who can be a stranger to you but you really like him. These can be the relations which can become the source of your likeness. Here the thing is why do I like him?

Here I Have Many Examples Witch can be Fruitful For You to Understand Why Do I Like Him so let’s Begin.

  • Good looking:

The first possibility is that you like him because he is good looking and he really attracts you. That is why start taking interest in him. 70% of our population prefers the external beauty so this thing is natural that you like him due to his looks. It might be possible he is the most beautiful person in your college and every girl really wants to become his girlfriend. When you see other`s interest in him then you also start taking interest in him and then he becomes the source of your likeness.

  • Rich:

Although it`s your greed that you like anyone because he is a rich person. When we see around us this thing is necessary. Your status always matters. Because love can not remain as it was in starting by the passing of time your love start decreasing it is only your status your money which makes you prominent in others. So many girls want a rich person who can give her all the things of this world. So we can say this money matters a lot and it can be the reason of your likeness.

  • Popular personality:

In college life, this thing matters a lot. Every girl runs behind that person who is the most popular personality of your college or maybe university because most of the girls also want fame and by doing this they can also get fame. It is a reason that you like him because you really want fame by becoming the girlfriend of a popular personality.

  • Loving:

It can be the reason of your likeness that you like him because he is a loving person. He loves other and treats other with a great love. So it means that you like him because of his inner beauty. If you really like him due to this thing you are doing well because of love matter a lot but only few can understand its importance.

  • Caring:

If a person does care for you. Make everything ready for your arrival. He is a caring person not only for but he also does care of others from every way. That`s why you like him. Care is an important aspect of every relation. Because when you love someone you automatically start care of that person. So care can be the cause of your love.

  • You like his company:

You like his company. You never get bored whenever you are with him. Even you start waiting for that person. You see the whole world in the company of that person. You do not need anyone else when you are with him. Moreover, you do not like the interception of any person when you both are spending time with each other.

  • Protective:

You like him because he protects you from each and every way. His protection shows his love for you. You find him everywhere at any time whenever there is need of that person. In college office in anywhere, he realizes you his care his love for you by his protection. That can be the reason of your likeness.

  • Possessive of you:

Most of the girls want that their lover got possessive whenever they talk to anyone else. this thing might be showing his love for you.  That can be the reason that you like him because of his possessiveness.

  • Supports you:

He supports you everywhere. You find him there whenever there is need of his support. Although many negative things happen to you. He supports you at every stage of life. He never let you alone at any cost.

  • His friends and family like you:

You like him because of his friends and family like you from each and every way. His parents like you and want to see you as their daughter in law. That can be the reason of your likeness. Because of his family and friends like you.

  • Easy to communicate:

You feel easy to communicate with him. You share everything with him and you do not feel any type of hesitation while talking to him. That is the reason you do like him and want to live with him as a life partner.

  • Your parents like him for you:

why do i like him

It is possible you like him because of your parents like him. They want him as their future son in law. It is a natural thing that when you committed to someone you naturally start love him. So it can be the big cause of your likeness.


To conclude the whole debate we can easily say this why do I like him is very easy to understand. There can be much reason which forces you to love him or like him. When someone loves you do care and protect you support you at every step of your life then automatically you start loving him. On the other hand, there can be many other reasons for likeness you like him because he is rich you like him because he is the most popular personality of your college. And there can be many other reasons for your likeness which I mentioned above.


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