Love is a Natural Thing But the Thing is why do People Cheat in Relationship?

why do people cheat in relationship?

When you really love someone you can`t even let that person go but a thing is why do people cheat in a relationship. 

Do you know why do people cheat in a relationship? Because they think it`s not easier to get forgiveness than permission.A relationship might be of any kind either between two lovers or friends or maybe husband wife.Cheating is a choice it`s not a mistake most people do this deliberately. When you cheat anyone your trust broke down and it`s very tough to rebuild it. So broken trust can never rebuild if you cheat your partner once.

This is the fact that most of the time people cheat their partner some deliberately do this and some do this due to any reason.  There are many reasons why do people do cheat in a relationship.

Past lover:

It is to be said you can`t start up your new life if you don`t forget your past because due to your past lover you can cheat your present relation. Which is a very worst thing. And by doing this you can`t even make your self-constant. Mostly your past destroys your present.

True love:

If you really love someone passionately then you don`t even think to cheat. But I must say one thing don`t cheat anyone if you are unhappy with your lover just leave that person. If another one is your true love then you can never ever go because that person can never let you go because love is not a little thing. May acting upon three rules you can make your relation perfect which are:

Don`t lie

Don`t cheat

Don`t make promises you can`t keep.

Mutual understanding:

If there is not any type of mutual understanding between you and your partner that can become a cause of your cheated relationship. Because that time from one of you starts taking interest in other persons and cheats you.

Lofty nature:

Many people have lofty nature.  This thing is also a cause of broken or cheated relationship. Many people take interest in others instead of their own lover. In the end, they dump their current relation and start a new relation with someone else.

Spoken lies:

When people start speaking lies they automatically start cheating. Because you only speak lie when are cheating your lover. If you are a  true lover you don`t even think to tell a lie with your lover.

Time pass love:

Most of the time people just make their relation with anyone to pass out your time. This thing only happens when you have a full mind of cheating. At this stage, you deliberately hurt other one’s feelings and emotions.

Cheated by your boyfriend:

I can`t say this that boys deliberately cheated their girlfriends there can also be many  reasons for cheating:

  • Maybe someone loves you more than you.
  • Maybe his parents don`t like you.
  • Perhaps he has some doubts about you
  • So these can be the reasons why he cheated you.

What to do when your boyfriend cheated you?

Although there are many things do when your boyfriend cheated you. Firstly don`t take this thing to your heart just let him damn.

Don`t call him:

Don`t call him again and again just leave him. once he cheats you don`t  even attended his calls and don`t reply to his messages.

Don`t listen to his excuses:

Don`t even listen to his excuses and explanations which he is trying to give you. Because once a liar is always lying.

Return all gifts:

Return all that gifts which your boyfriend gave you. Because these things will remind you that person and you can`t forget him.

Spend time with your friends:

Spend most of the time with your true friends. Because your true friend will give the best company and will never insist you to do anything bad.

Ignore your boyfriend in gathering:

Just ignore your boyfriend in gathering when you see him. Don`t even notice his presence.

When you cheat your parents:

Most of the time we cheat our parents and think they don`t even know our habits but they know everything you did. But remember they know everything that you are doing. So this thing is wrong.

Because parents are those who give priority to their children more than their own self-needs.

When you  cheat your wife:

why do people cheat in relationship

When you cheat your wife this thing can hurt her a lot because you know that she left everything for you and when you cheat her she broke down. A true man never hurts his wife because of the importance of her into his life.

A lofty person does this type of habits because this thing is included in his nature which he can`t leave. At least you don`t have to cheat your wife. Relation of Husband-wife is one of GOD`s favorite relation but although there are many reasons why does he cheat his wife

  • Less mutual understanding is one of the facts.
  • Interested in another woman
  • Don`t like you
  • Merry without his own will.
  • Your disputes

These things may be the cause of your cheating. Perhaps he demands more love from you but you are not giving him time  and not love him as you have to do

If your friend cheats you:

Friends are also a family. Which you choose at your own will. You are lucky enough if your friend is fair to you. But most of the time friends cheat another friend. Mostly this type of thing we can find in girls. Girls start hate

There friends if she finds anything better in her friend more then`s a very wrong thing. Never cheat your friend just show your happiness in your friend`s happiness.


To conclude the whole debate why do people cheat in relationship I can say this love is the name of betraying. You can`t find any relation from which you don`t get lies and cheating. It`s a natural thing but somehow there is also a possibility that your misunderstanding misleads you first try to clear all things with your partner never ever took anyone for granted. Then if your partner really cheats you don`t give him second chance because once liar is always lying.






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