13 Reliable Sources To Learn About Why I Want To Leave My Husband.

Why do I want to leave my husband

Why I Want to Leave my Husband There are Many Reasons Behind this Question.

In married life protection of husband is a most important thing if your husband is good for you then your becomes very easy. Although there are many reasons which are authentic for leaving your husband. Care love protection trust time and some other things are necessary which every girl demands from her husband.

It is also possible that your husband is interested in someone else. which is the unbearable thing for every girl? Especially a wife cannot bear this thing that her husband is taking interest in another woman instead of her. There can be many other reasons for why I want to leave my husband. So let`s see what it could be.

1.Not loving husband:

It might be possible her husband is not loving one. He doesn’t love her. As it is a natural thing that every woman wants love from her husband at any cost. Because she left everything her parents her siblings and her other relations for him and in a result, if he does not love her this is injustice with her and she can not bear this torcher for a long time so it`s better to leave your husband instead of hurting yourself.


If your husband does not care and do not bother anything about this thing might be intolerable for his wife she cannot compromise on this thing for the long period of time. So she has right to leave her husband.

3.Abusive relation:

If you are in an abusive relationship with your husband you can not live in this type of relationship for a long time because this thing can spoil your peace and can mentally affect you. Because no one can bear abuses at any cost either you are giving it in a joke or whatever condition it might be. An educated person can never abuse her wife.

4.Timing issues:

Your husband is not giving any type of time to you either he has free time but doesn’t want to spend that time with you. He spends most of his time with his friends and members of the family and does not pay any attention to you. So it`s clear that he is not interested in you that`s why not giving you time so you can leave him.

5.Not paying any attention at home:

If your husband does not pay any attention at home not giving proper time to his kids not even bothering what they are doing and just give you every type of responsibility and you are affording his expenses too then you can leave him.

6.You don`t like your husband:

If you do not like your husband you can leave him. Because likeness and love are most essential part to make relation work. So you have right to leave him. Because if you do not run a relation by heart then that relation is fully baseless. So this type of relations naturally cannot survive for a long period of time.

7.Your husband was not of your choice:

It might be possible that your was not of your choice you did sacrifices for your parents or it might be the choice of your brother to whom you can not make any type of refusal. But after that sacrifices, you are not able to make this relationship work then you are on right to leave your hubby.

8.You are in love with someone else:

If you fall in love with anyone else then you become uncomfortable with your husband, in fact, you start irritating from your husband and starts misbehaving with him often you hurt him or maybe gives any type of torcher to him. Even you can also become cynical in your attitude. So the best way to get rid of this thing is to leave your husband.

9.You are not satisfied with your relation:

It might be possible that you are not satisfied with your relationship you cannot properly carry this relation so you can leave your relation.

10.Having issues with your in-laws:

Yeah, this thing most of the times became a cause of divorces. Because if your husband is good for you but your in-laws tell him those things which you did not do but your husband trust his family more thing you and believe everything whatever they said about you. In other words, we can say he does not trust you. And starts fighting with you then you have right to leave this type of person.

11.Your husband doesn’t respect you:

Respect this is the main thing of every relation. Your relation has no taste if you do not respect each other. I must say every girl demands respect from her husband even more than the love she needs respect.

12.Does not earn any kind of money:

If your husband does not earn money and waste his time on idle things even ask you for money and insist you for the job then you can not live with this type of person. So it is much better to live alone instead of living in a torcher.

13.Your husband spends money on other girls:

This is ever and the ever intolerable thing that your husband spends money on other girls and when you ask him for money always shows you empty pockets. It is ever intolerable thing. It is better to leave this type of person.


To conclude the whole silky threats of life I can strongly say this why I want to leave my husband? After reading the above mention things you can easily leave your husband but one most important thing which I’ll say in capital words is that FIRSTLY TRY TO COVER ALL MISUNDERSTANDINGS IF YOU HAVE THEN TAKE ANY KIND OF REACTION. It might be possible what you think is wrong and take any type of step if you have full proof behind it.

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