Signs Your Ex-Boyfriend Wants you Back.

Your ex-boyfriend wants you back

When you Fall in Love But due to some Circumstances your Breakup occurs but some Signs show that your Boyfriend wants you Back but don`t want to admit this.

What are the signs which show your Ex-boyfriend wants you back but don`t want to admit this perhaps this is not a tough job to understand? Remember love has a very strong strength and no one can escape from its strength.

once you did break up with your boyfriend soon you will realize that you can`t live without him it might be possible that your boyfriend too is passing from this type of condition but he doesn`t want to tell you or perhaps he is not trying to admit this that he can`t live without you.

Men`s have naturally proud of their maleness and most of the time they don`t want to bow in front of any girl especially in front of his girlfriend.

We can resemble a man with coconut both are same hard from outside but soft from the inner side. When love is true then he`ll just give you some signs that he wants to come back but his ego is suppressing him.

Although you can judge that signs if you thoroughly read my article for the sake of your understandings. And let`s start it,

1: Your Boyfriend wants you Back but he is Scared

Probably your boyfriend wants you back but he is scared. Because he did something wrong in past and now he is scaring because he doesn`t want to be insulted. If you can judge his condition then you can forgive him and never let him go.

A girl naturally has a strong willpower she can understand that her boyfriend really has regrets for past deeds. So you can sort out those matters and can conduct your relationship again beautifully.

2: How you can Understand that he wants to Reconnect with you:

Your ex-boyfriend wants you back.

As I said above that a girl can understand the nature of man even his small gesture so a girl can easily understand what a boy is trying to do. And especially when she lives in relationship with that boy.

If a boy really loves you even after the breakup he tries to reconnect with you for this thing he calls you regularly or perhaps text you to show his presence.

But the main purpose is how you can judge this that he wants to reconnect with you. So luckily here you can get your answer to solve your confusion. So let`s read it,

  • Calls you regularly:

At the very initial stage when he wants you back he starts calling you every day. Perhaps his attitude is not of that type when you were in love relationship but also not of cynical type. You can feel regrets into his sound.

But he is not accepting this reality or probably not admitting it. But in reality, he loves you and wants you back at every cost. But his ego is becoming a basic cause of fairness.

  • Good morning and good night wishes.

When he wants you back but not admitting this then literally he starts to text. Probably those texts are of good morning and good night wishes but this is a very small step towards you. So you have to understand this and try to soothe him.

  • In contact with your family:

He remains in touch with your family. I think for a girl this is one of a beautiful sign. Because every girl demands respect for her family. As it is a true level of respect is more than level of love especially in case of a family.

On the other hand, it is a clear sign that your EX-wants you back. You can also say it a kind of flattering to get you back.

  • Send your gifts on special occasions:

Either he is not in touch with you but sends you gifts on special occasions like birthday, valentine, eid. This thing also shows that he loves you until today. Although he is not killing his ego if you also want to go back you can kill your ego and can save your broken relationship again. That is the mystery of life.

3: His Efforts to Get you Back Secretly:

Your ex-boyfriend wants you back.

He may do many efforts to get you back but without killing his ego. Like he does many things in which there is a clear sign for patch up but he does not clearly ask you to come back. That effort can be of this kind let`s have a look at it.

  • Starts stalking:

If your boyfriend starts stalking you then it`s clear that still wants you. He secretly checks your activities on social media. Also, check out your accounts if he has passwords. Moreover, keep a strict eye on your friend circle either you are in the accompany of good friends or not. Although it`s stalking, in other words, we can say its protection.

  • Keeps contact with your friends:

Keeps contact with your friends to know this was going on in your life. Are you ok or not. Either you are contented with your life or not. These things he can only know from your friends.

  • He starts dating someone else for getting your attention:

Abruptly this idea can also come into his mind but for this, there are two types of possibilities one is he doing this to make you jealous and second one is he wants to know either he still wants you to love you or not.  Like this, he can start dating anyone else and that girl is also from your society.

  • He talks about the past days:

He somehow starts talking to you. He talks about the good time of past when you both were together and were spending a happy life. You both were close to each other and was an ideal couple in your friends. But now you both are ignoring each other.

  • Tries to sort out the problem which was the cause of breakup:

Perhaps he did not justify his point at the time of breakup and you both lose temper that time but now when you both sit with peace-minded then you should think what and where was the problem. Now even a blind person can see this sign that he really wants you back in his life.

Some other Signs to show that he Really wants you Back in his Life:

There can be many other signs to show his interest in you. And these are thus:

Try to become that kind of person you like:

Every girl has her ideal in case of partner. Perhaps she told her boyfriend which kind of partner she wants in her life. But when your boyfriend wants you back then he definitely tries to become that kind of person which is your ideal.  So you can see a big change in his personality.

His posts on social media:

He can realize his loneliness to you by posting some sad posts on social media. Here he is giving you a sign to come back but not saying openly.

He holds you:

He touches your hands or holds you during lunch or while talking then it is a clear sign for you that nothing is over yet from his side.

He admires you:

He admires you for everything like your dressing your beauty or probably your cooking too. You can say he admires everything of yours.

He still keeps your gifts:

He still keeps your gifts very carefully it`s clear that he really loves you and wants you back in his life. Or you can say perhaps he cares about your feelings and emotions.

At last but not least has he missed you:

And finally, after a long long long struggle, he admits that he really miss you and can`t live without you. So in the end, he kills his ego and bows down in front of you and I love you and can`t live without you. This separation was like someone buried him in the grave. And finally, he said that he will never let you go anywhere.


To conclude the whole debate we can although ego can spoil your relationship very badly I personally think a real man deserves ego. But there are relationships where your ego can be a worse thing. So in front of your real love, I think you have to admit open heart that you really love her.

If you think your girlfriend was mistaken you can realize her that she is mistaken but keep on the side your ego. Above mention were the flaws and also tips by this girls can easily judge that your EX boyfriend wants you back. And giving you clear signs.

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